Japanese Panda Names [200+ Adorable Ideas]

Japanese Panda Names

Exploring the world of Japanese names for pandas is like stepping into a rich cultural tapestry brimming with significance and beauty.

In Japan, names are more than just tags; they embody traits, hopes, and the essence of beings. So, when it comes to naming these adorable pandas, each moniker holds a special place.

Discover the best Japanese panda names, embodying nature, virtues, and beauty – perfect for these gentle giants.

If you’re a panda enthusiast, a language lover, or simply curious, let’s board on this fascinating journey together.

Best Japanese Panda Name Ideas

Best Japanese Panda Names Ideas

Pandas, revered for their serene nature and striking appearance, inspire equally captivating names.

Each name in the following list is a testament to the panda’s unique blend of playfulness and calmness.

  • Kumo (Cloud)
  • Hana (Flower)
  • Kaze (Wind)
  • Sakura (Cherry Blossom)
  • Asahi (Morning Sun)
  • Yuuki (Courage)
  • Riku (Land)
  • Natsu (Summer)
  • Haru (Spring)
  • Aki (Autumn)
  • Fuyu (Winter)
  • Miku (Beautiful Sky)
  • Noa (Hope)
  • Tsubasa (Wings)
  • Kaito (Ocean Flying)
  • Minori (Truth)
  • Rina (Jasmine)
  • Mei (Brightness)
  • Hiro (Generous)
  • Daiki (Great Glory)
  • Taiki (Great Radiance)
  • Ryuu (Dragon)
  • Ken (Healthy)
  • Yuu (Gentle)
  • Akio (Bright Man)
  • Masato (Justice)
  • Haruto (Sun Flying)
  • Takumi (Artisan)
  • Shota (Soar)
  • Koki (Light)
  • Tatsuya (Dragon Assertive)
  • Souta (Suddenly)
  • Ryota (Refresh)
  • Kouki (Light Hope)
  • Kazuya (Peaceful One)
  • Keita (Blessing)

For those interested in specific colors, our collection of unique red panda names reflects their unique traits and charm, much like their larger panda counterparts.

Japanese Panda Names Male

Just like samurais and warriors of old, male pandas exude a sense of strength and nobility. This collection of Japanese names reflects male pandas’ powerful yet gentle spirit.

Every male Japanese panda name is a tribute to the masculine grace inherent in these magnificent creatures.

  • Takeshi (Warrior)
  • Yoshio (Joyful Man)
  • Daichi (Great Land)
  • Katsuro (Victorious Son)
  • Masaru (Victory)
  • Noboru (Ascend)
  • Fumio (Literary Hero)
  • Hideki (Excellent Timber Trees)
  • Jiro (Second Son)
  • Kiyoshi (Purity)
  • Mamoru (Protect)
  • Ryuichi (First Dragon)
  • Satoshi (Wise)
  • Tadashi (Correct)
  • Yoshi (Good)
  • Yuudai (Great Hero)
  • Zen (Good)
  • Akira (Bright)
  • Eiji (Eternity Order)
  • Goro (Fifth Son)
  • Hachiro (Eighth Son)
  • Ichiro (First Son)
  • Junichi (Obedient First Son)
  • Keiji (Respect Second)
  • Kenichi (Strong First)
  • Koji (Shining Second)
  • Manabu (Learn)
  • Nori (Law)
  • Osamu (Discipline)
  • Shinji (True Second)
  • Tadao (Loyal Man)
  • Takashi (Noble)
  • Yuki (Happiness)
  • Yusuke (Courageous Help)
  • Zenjiro (Good Second)
  • Arata (Fresh)
  • Daisuke (Great Help)
  • Haruki (Shining Sun)
  • Itsuki (Tree)
  • Kazuki (Peaceful Tree)

Similarly, ferrets, known for their playful and mischievous nature, have a range of Japanese ferret names that perfectly encapsulate their lively spirit.

Female Japanese Panda Names

The elegance and nurturing spirit of female pandas call for names that are as melodious and graceful as they are.

We have crafted this selection to encompass Japanese names for girl pandas that resonate with beauty, tenderness, and the subtle strength of nature.

  • Akari (Light)
  • Emiko (Smiling Child)
  • Hikari (Light)
  • Kana (Powerful)
  • Keiko (Adored One)
  • Mai (Dance)
  • Maki (True Hope)
  • Miho (Protected, Guaranteed Beauty)
  • Noriko (Law Child)
  • Rin (Dignified)
  • Saki (Blossom of Hope)
  • Yoko (Positive Child)
  • Aiko (Beloved Child)
  • Chiyo (Thousand Generations)
  • Eri (Blessed Prize)
  • Fumiko (Child of Abundant Beauty)
  • Haruka (Distant)
  • Ichika (One Thousand Flowers)
  • Junko (Pure Child)
  • Kaori (Fragrance)
  • Kiko (Hope Child)
  • Mariko (True Village Child)
  • Naomi (Straight and Beautiful)
  • Rei (Lovely Bell)
  • Sayuri (Small Lily)
  • Tomoko (Friendly Child)
  • Yuka (Gentle Flower)
  • Ai (Love, Affection)
  • Asuka (Tomorrow Perfume, Fragrance)
  • Chika (Scatter Flowers)
  • Kanon (Flower Sound)
  • Megumi (Blessing)
  • Miya (Beautiful Evening)
  • Nozomi (Hope)
  • Rika (True Fragrance)
  • Tsubaki (Camellia)
  • Yua (Binding Love)
  • Ayaka (Colorful Flower)
  • Hinata (Sunny Place)
  • Izumi (Spring, Fountain)
  • Kiyomi (Pure Beauty)
  • Misaki (Beautiful Blossom)
  • Natsuki (Summer Hope)
  • Rio (Cherry Blossom)
  • Yuri (Lily)

Pandas, revered for their serene nature and striking appearance, inspire equally captivating names. The same can be said for teddy bears, another symbol of comfort and joy.

Japanese teddy bear names, imbued with meanings and cultural significance, offer a fascinating insight into how names can reflect the qualities we cherish in our plush companions.

Cute Japanese Panda Names

These adorable pandas’ names are a cuddly embrace of cuteness and charm. This array of names is crafted to match the playful and heartwarming appeal of pandas.

The following names are tiny bundles of joy, mirroring the delightful antics and irresistible charm that make pandas so lovable.

  • Momo (Peach)
  • Koko (Here)
  • Nene (Affectionate)
  • Pochi (Pet Name)
  • Tama (Jewel)
  • Chibi (Small)
  • Mochi (Rice Cake)
  • Fuwa (Fluffy)
  • Kichi (Lucky)
  • Noko (Calm)
  • Peko (Peckish)
  • Ruru (Lull)
  • Toto (Tot)
  • Uta (Song)
  • Waku (Excited)
  • Yumi (Bow)
  • Zuzu (Sweet)
  • Bibi (Vibrant)
  • Coco (Heart)
  • Dodo (Slumber)
  • Fifi (Dainty)
  • Gigi (Giggly)
  • Ichi (One)
  • Jiji (Wise)
  • Kiki (Bright)
  • Lala (Cheerful)
  • Mimi (Ears)
  • Nana (Seven)
  • Oto (Sound)
  • Pipi (Peppy)
  • Qiqi (Miraculous)
  • Rara (Rarity)
  • Susu (Smooth)
  • Titi (Little One)
  • Umi (Sea)
  • Vivi (Lively)
  • Wawa (Bubbly)
  • Xixi (Gleeful)
  • Yaya (Elegant)
  • Zaza (Special)
  • Bubu (Bubbly)
  • Cici (Chirpy)
  • Dudu (Soft)
  • Fufu (Fluffy)
  • Gogo (Energetic)
  • Hoho (Cheerful)
  • Ii (Good)

Japanese names are not only beautiful for pandas but also for rabbits. The names given to rabbits in Japan also carry significant meanings and reflect the qualities of these adorable animals.

Japanese Names That Mean Panda

Finally, below mentioned Japanese names, though not directly translating to “panda,” evoke the spirit and imagery of these magnificent animals, resonating with their personality and grace. They reflect the deep connection between name and nature.

  • Kuma (Bear)
  • Shinju (Pearl)
  • Takara (Treasure)
  • Nagisa (Beach)
  • Yama (Mountain)
  • Midori (Green)
  • Sora (Sky)
  • Hiroshi (Generous)
  • Ayumu (Walk, Dream)
  • Seiji (Blue, Green)
  • Tatsuo (Dragon Man)
  • Hotaru (Firefly)
  • Isamu (Courage)
  • Kyo (Cooperation)
  • Kenta (Healthy, Strong)
  • Masaki (Flourishing Tree)
  • Yasu (Peace)
  • Kenji (Strong, Healthy)
  • Hayato (Falcon Person)
  • Naoki (Honest Tree)
  • Taiga (Great River)
  • Yuji (Heroic Second)
  • Aoi (Hollyhock, Blue)
  • Ryo (Cool, Refreshing)
  • Hikaru (Light, Radiance)
  • Jun (Pure)
  • Ren (Lotus)
  • Shun (Speed)
  • Yuma (Genuine, Truth)
  • Makoto (Sincerity)
  • Nobu (Faith)
  • Ryu (Dragon)
  • Toru (Penetrate, Clear)
  • Yuto (Gentleness, Superiority)
  • Hiroki (Vast Timber Trees)
  • Ikki (One Breath)
  • Kei (Blessing, Respect)


As we conclude our journey through the delightful world of Japanese panda names, it’s evident that every name carries its own melody and story.

Names like Yuki, Hikari, and Kaito aren’t just labels; they reflect the unique traits and characteristics that make pandas so special.

Whether it’s the regal aura of Takeshi or the gentle charm of Sakura, all the above names celebrate the beauty and diversity found in nature.

They remind us of the simplicity and purity in the joy of naming, connecting us to a culture that deeply honors the essence of every being.

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