50+ Names That Mean Monkey

Names That Mean Monkey

Have you ever wondered what names mean by ‘monkey’ in different cultures, languages, or even mythologies? Today, we’ll swing into the topic and reveal some captivating titles that carry the essence of our primate friends.

Names That Mean Monkey: A Cultural Perspective

Monkeys have captivated the human imagination for centuries, often representing playfulness, curiosity, and cleverness. From ancient folklore to modern pop culture, these lively creatures have left their mark on numerous cultures worldwide.

Here, we’ll explore 20 names that hold the cultural significance of monkeys, each with its own unique charm.

  • Macaque – (French) Derived from the Macaque species of monkey.
  • Baboon – (English) From a monkey species known for its intelligence.
  • Kapi – (Sanskrit) Literally translates to monkey.
  • Marmoset – (Portuguese) Named after the small monkey species.
  • Ikaki – (Japanese) Means sea monkey.
  • Vanara – (Hindu) Means forest monkey.
  • Wonogiri – (Indonesian) Named after the monkey forest in Wonogiri.
  • Pavian – (German) From the monkey species Baboon.
  • Monyet – (Malay) The common word for monkey.
  • Kolobus – (Greek) Named after the Colobus monkey.
  • Shengming – (Chinese) Means monkey life.
  • Shouling – (Chinese) Meaning monkey spirit.
  • Tumbili – (Swahili) The word for monkey.
  • Maimun – (Arabic) Literally meaning monkey.
  • Mico – (Spanish) A term for small monkeys.
  • Kerodon – (Greek) Named after the monkey-like rodent.
  • Hulman – (Hindi) From the word for common monkey.
  • Kapi – (Thai) The common term for monkey.
  • Kimpinshi – (Congolese) Named after the bonobo monkeys.
  • Saru – (Japanese) A casual term for monkey.

Names That Mean Monkey in Different Languages

Did you know that words for ‘monkey’ differ vastly across the globe? Resulting in a fascinating array of words and names that signify these adorable creatures.

From Arabic to Mandarin, French to Swahili, each name encapsulates the essence of monkeys uniquely.

  • Mono – Monkey in Spanish.
  • Macaco – Portuguese for monkey.
  • Singa – The Swedish word for monkey.
  • Maimun – Monkey in Arabic.
  • Affen – German term for monkey.
  • Chango – Monkey in Mexican Spanish.
  • Obakezaru – Japanese for ghost monkey.
  • Kera – Indonesian term for monkey.
  • Marimonda – Columbian Spanish for a type of monkey.
  • Scimmia – the Italian word for monkey.
  • Apina – Monkey in Finnish.
  • Maimūna – Latvian term for monkey.
  • Majom – Hungarian word for monkey.
  • Maimuna – Bosnian term for monkey.
  • Obeziana – Romanian for monkey.
  • Małpa – Monkey in Polish.
  • Opice – Czech word for monkey.
  • Monkey – The English term we all know.
  • Monyet – Malay for monkey.
  • Meymun – Turkish word for monkey.

Popular Names That Mean Monkey

When it comes to naming our beloved companions, it’s no surprise that monkey-inspired names have a special place in our hearts.

These names show a sense of playfulness, curiosity, and charm that perfectly aligns with the spirit of monkeys. Let’s find the perfect one for your furry companion!

  • George – Inspired by the curious little monkey from the famous children’s book series.
  • Rafiki – Swahili for ‘friend’, a name fitting for the wise monkey from The Lion King.
  • Abu – The beloved monkey sidekick from Aladdin.
  • Bubbles – Michael Jackson’s famous pet chimpanzee.
  • Kong – Drawn from the iconic King Kong.
  • Julius – Named after Dr. Julius, the intelligent orangutan from Planet of the Apes.
  • Maurice – Another name from the Planet of the Apes series.
  • Caesar – The lead character from the modern Planet of the Apes movies.
  • Zira – A key character from Planet of the Apes.
  • Clyde – The orangutan sidekick in the movie Every Which Way but Loose.
  • BoBo – A classic and playful monkey name.
  • Jocko – Another traditional monkey name.
  • Bobby – Popular for monkeys, as it’s easy to say and remember.
  • Kiki – This sweet name is often given to small monkeys.
  • Lulu – Another cute and popular name for monkeys.

Rare and Unique Names That Mean Monkey

If you’re in search of a name that is truly extraordinary, one that sets your monkey companion apart from the rest, then look no further.

  • Sarutobi – Japanese for ‘monkey jump’.
  • Monyo – An unusual term for monkey in Bulgarian.
  • Vanaru – From the Hindu epic Ramayana, meaning ‘forest dweller’ or monkey.
  • Kikazaru – Japanese for ‘hear no monkey’, one of the three wise monkeys.
  • Yuan – Chinese for gibbon, a type of monkey.
  • Mizaru – Japanese for ‘see no monkey’, one of the three wise monkeys.
  • Simio – Uncommon Spanish term for monkey.
  • Ete – Tongan term for monkey.
  • Kera – A rare term for a monkey in Nepali.
  • Maimil – A unique term for monkeys in Pashto.

Names Derived from the Monkey God Mythology

In the vast land of mythology, fascinating stories of monkey gods have captured people’s imaginations across cultures.

In this section, we bring you 10 names that take inspiration from the captivating tales of monkey god mythology. These names carry the weight of ancient legends and show a sense of power and magic.

  • Hanuman – Hindu monkey god known for his strength and loyalty.
  • Sun Wukong – The monkey king from the Chinese epic Journey to the West.
  • Sugriva – A monkey king from the Hindu epic Ramayana.
  • Vali – Another powerful monkey king from the Ramayana.
  • Bali – A monkey king in Indonesian mythology.
  • Saiyūki – The Japanese name for Journey to the West, often used to reference Sun Wukong.
  • Qitian Dasheng – Another name for Sun Wukong, meaning ‘Great Sage Equal to Heaven’.
  • Bajrang Bali – Another name for Hanuman, meaning ‘the strong one’.
  • Anjaneya – A reference to Hanuman, depicting him as the son of Anjana.
  • Gibnut – Derived from ‘Gib’, which is short for gibbon, a type of monkey worshiped in some cultures.

Swinging to the End

Returning from the lush jungle of names that mean ‘monkey,’ we are left with a rich treasure of cultural and mythological threads.

From playful to profound, common to rare, these names have given us a glimpse into the diverse symbolism monkeys hold worldwide. 

So whether you’re seeking a unique name for a pet, finding inspiration for a character, or simply exploring out of curiosity, you now possess a jungle full of names that celebrate the fascinating world of monkeys.

What cultural myths or legends about monkeys that you find particularly interesting?”

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