Hawaiian Turtle Names With Meaning (120+ Ideas)

Hawaiian Turtle Names

Best Hawaiian Turtle Name Ideas:

  • Cute: Hoku, Meli, Kai
  • Mythical: Aliana, Kane, Pele
  • Funny: Wikiwiki, Kikokiko, Pilikia
  • Nature-Inspired: Lehua, Koa, Nani

Let’s dive into the serene and beautiful world of the Hawaiian Islands, home to various unique wildlife, including the amazing Hawaiian sea turtle.

The locals have a deep reverence for these magnificent creatures, and naming a turtle is as beautiful as it is intriguing.

Now, if you’re fascinated by these creatures and looking for some turtle names, this is the perfect place.

Choose from over 120 Hawaiian Turtle Names inspired by mythology, nature, ocean, and local places. Find a name that resonates with Hawaiian culture and spirit.

How to Come Up with Goog Hawaiian Turtle Name?

When it comes to picking a Hawaiian turtle name, I like to think of it as a delightful blend of tradition, meaning, and personal touch. The process can be as simple or as reflective as you want it to be. Here’s how I approach it:

1. Learn About Hawaiian Culture: Understanding the cultural significance of turtles in Hawaii enriches the naming process. Turtles, or ‘honu’, symbolize longevity, peace, and guidance. They are cherished creatures, deeply woven into local mythology and daily life.

2. Explore Language: The Hawaiian language is melodious and full of beautiful meanings. Start by looking up words that resonate with the personality or appearance of the turtle. For example, if your turtle has a particularly calm demeanor, you might consider ‘Maluhia’, which means peace.

3. Combine and Create: Sometimes, a single name doesn’t quite capture everything. Feel free to mix and match words. For instance, ‘Kai’, meaning sea, can be paired with another word like ‘Nani’ for beauty—resulting in ‘Kainani’, a beautiful sea.

4. Say It Out Loud: Hawaiian words often roll off the tongue in a lovely, lyrical way. It’s important to choose a tag that sounds as good as it means. Try saying it out loud a few times to make sure it’s as pleasant to say as it is to hear.

5. Add a Personal Touch: Maybe there’s a particular story or memory you associate with your turtle. Incorporating a personal element can make the moniker even more special. It could be related to where you found the turtle, a specific feature, or a memorable event.

Cute Hawaiian Turtle Names

Are you ready to give your adorable turtle a name that’s as cute as it is meaningful? Hawaiian names carry a spirit of the islands, full of life and beauty. 

Our following selection captures the essence of what makes your little friend so special. 

  • Pua: Flower – For the delicately charming turtle.
  • Liko: Bud – Ideal for a young, growing turtle.
  • Hoku: Star – Suits a turtle with a sparkling personality.
  • Meli: Honey – Great for a sweet-natured turtle.
  • Alohi: Brilliant – For a standout turtle.
  • Kai: Sea – Perfect for a turtle who loves the water.
  • Nani: Beauty – For a particularly pretty turtle.
  • Miki: Quick – Fits a swift-moving turtle.
  • Lani: Heaven – For a turtle with a serene presence.
  • Palila: Bird – For a light and agile turtle.
  • Noe: Misty – Fits a mysterious or elusive turtle.
  • Kula: Gold – For a turtle with a golden-hued shell.
  • Ola: Life – Celebrates the vitality of your turtle.
  • Hani: Happy – For an always cheerful turtle.
  • Wai: Water – A natural fit for any aquatic turtle.
  • Lua: Hole – For a turtle that likes to hide.
  • Meli: Honey – For a sweet and gentle turtle.
  • Keiki: Child – Perfect for a juvenile turtle.
  • Makani: Wind – For a fast-moving turtle.
  • Kalea: Bright – For a turtle with a vibrant personality.

Hawaiian Culture-Inspired Turtle Names

Hawaiian mythology and culture hold a deep well of inspiration when naming turtles.

Each name reflects the richness of Hawaiian folklore and serves as a delightful conversation starter, allowing you to delve into the vibrant cultural heritage of the islands.

Hawaiian Culture Inspired Turtle Names
  • ‘Ailana (Loving)
  • Kapua (Flower)
  • Mano (Shark)
  • Kāne (God of creation)
  • Lono (God of peace)
  • (God of war)
  • Pele (Goddess of fire)
  • Hi’iaka (Goddess of dance)
  • Maui (Demigod of the wind)
  • Poli’ahu (Goddess of snow)
  • Laka (Goddess of hula)
  • Hina (Goddess of the moon)
  • Kanaloa (God of the sea)
  • Mālama (To take care)
  • ‘Ilio (Dog, loyal companion)
  • ‘Īlio’ula (Red dog)
  • Wākea (Sky father)
  • Papa (Earth mother)
  • La’ieikawai (Woman of supernatural beauty)
  • Kaulu (Hero of strength)

The names drawn from Hawaiian mythology, like ‘Ailana (Precious) and Kapua (Flower), offer a glimpse into the rich folklore of the islands. It’s similar to the thoughtfulness you would apply when choosing a name for a pet from a diverse list of girl turtle names.

Hawaiian Turtle Names Inspired by Locations

Hawaii’s islands are mesmerizing places, each with its charm and beauty. They range from the sandy beaches with swaying palm trees to the mighty volcanic peaks reaching up to the skies.

Hawaiian Turtle Names Inspired by Locations

These locations provide wonderful inspiration for the names of Hawaiian turtles.

  • Kauai (The Garden Island)
  • Maui (The Valley Isle)
  • Oahu (The Gathering Place)
  • Molokai (The Friendly Isle)
  • Lanai (The Pineapple Isle)
  • Ni’ihau (The Forbidden Isle)
  • Kilauea (The Volcano)
  • Waikiki (Spouting Water)
  • Hilo (To Twist)
  • Kona (Leeward side)
  • Haleakala (House of the Sun)
  • Kahoolawe (The Target Isle)
  • Waimea (Reddish Water)
  • Kapalua (Arms Embracing the Sea)
  • Pali (Cliff)
  • Makapu’u (Bulging Eye)
  • Hana (Craft or Work)
  • Mililani (Praise or Give Thanks)
  • Kailua (Two Seas or Two Currents)
  • Pearl (Inspired by Pearl Harbor)

While discussing the cultural aspect: “Hawaiian culture is rich in traditions, similar to the creative naming conventions you’ll find in our list of rocky turtle names.

Nature-Inspired Hawaiian Turtle Names

Nature Inspired Hawaiian Turtle Names

Hawaii’s lush flora and breathtaking landscapes provide another source of inspiration for turtle names.

These names are imbued with the spirit of nature and remind us of the vibrant colors and alluring fragrances of Hawaiian flowers and the lush greenery. 

  • Lani (Heaven, sky)
  • Akamai (Smart)
  • Koa (Strength)
  • Lehua (A type of flower)
  • Halia (Remembrance of a loved one)
  • Aka’ula (Red shadow)
  • Makana (Gift)
  • Kukui (Light, torch)
  • ‘Olu’olu (Pleasant)
  • Alamea (Precious)
  • Nani (Beauty)
  • Waiola (Water of life)
  • ‘Āina (Land)
  • Hōku’ao (Morning star)
  • Kealoha (The love)
  • Kipuka (Oasis)
  • Lāhela (Innocent)
  • Liko (Bud)
  • Pua (Flower)
  • Wainani (Beautiful water)

Like the vibrant Hawaiian seas, you might also enjoy exploring the whimsy in these funny names for turtles, perfect for your aquatic friend.

Also check out the awe-inspiring and mythical aura surrounding dragon turtles, whose names you might find just as fascinating.

Hawaiian Turtle Names Male

For your male turtle, why not choose a name that reflects his strong or bold personality? 

These Hawaiian names are steeped in the qualities of warriors and kings, offering a blend of cultural heritage and imposing significance.

Each moniker brings to life the essence of masculinity as celebrated in Hawaiian lore.

  • Koa: Warrior – For a strong, resilient turtle.
  • Makoa: Bold – A name for a turtle with a strong presence.
  • Ikaika: Strong – Perfect for a robust turtle.
  • Kane: Man – A straightforward, powerful name.
  • Mano: Shark – For a fearless turtle.
  • Lono: Peace – For a calm and peaceful turtle.
  • Kanoa: Free – For a turtle that loves exploring.
  • Keo: Dapper – For a charming and stylish turtle.
  • Akamu: Red Earth – A great name for a red or brown turtle.
  • Pekelo: Stone – For a solid and reliable turtle.
  • Hilo: First Night – For a turtle born at night.
  • Kekoa: Brave – For a courageous turtle.
  • Kapono: Goodness – Represents a turtle with a good nature.
  • Keahi: Fire – For a turtle with a fiery spirit.
  • Kalani: The Heavens – For a noble turtle.
  • Nui: Important – For a significant member of your family.
  • Kahuna: Hidden Secret – For a turtle full of surprises.
  • Mana: Power – For a turtle with a strong influence.
  • Haku: Master – For a wise and respected turtle.
  • Ali’i: Chief – For a turtle with a commanding presence.

Hawaiian Girl Turtle Names

Selecting a name for your female turtle offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the softer, more lyrical side of Hawaiian names. 

These choices are inspired by the islands’ natural beauty and mythical tales, perfect for a turtle with grace and poise. 

  • Leilani: Heavenly Flower – Perfect for a beautiful turtle.
  • Kailani: Sea and Sky – For a turtle with a deep, blue shell.
  • Moana: Ocean – For a love of the sea.
  • Nalani: The Heavens – For a regal turtle.
  • Alani: Orange Tree – For a turtle with a vibrant personality.
  • Kalea: Joyful – For an always happy turtle.
  • Mahina: Moon – For a turtle with a pale, luminous shell.
  • Halia: Remembrance – For a turtle you’ll never forget.
  • Iolana: To Soar – For an adventurous turtle.
  • Kapua: Flower – For a delicate and lovely turtle.
  • Luana: Happy – For the content and joyful turtle.
  • Pualani: Heavenly Flower – Another beautiful floral name.
  • Kiona: Brown Hills – For a turtle with a dark, earthy shell.
  • Lokelani: Small Red Rose – For a precious, small turtle.
  • Anela: Angel – For a sweet-natured turtle.
  • Noelani: Mist of Heaven – For a turtle with a mystic aura.
  • Kaia: Sea – For a turtle with love for the ocean.
  • Aloha: Love – Because you love her so much.
  • Mele: Song – For a turtle that brings music to your life.
  • Hoku: Star – For a turtle that lights up your world.

Hawaiian Girl Turtle Names

Funny Hawaiian Turtle Names

Let’s bring some fun and laughter into the naming process with these whimsically inspired Hawaiian names. Perfect for the turtle who brings a smile to your face with its quirky antics or playful behavior. 

Each name in our witty Hawaiian turtle name collection adds a touch of humor and lightheartedness, reflecting the joy and amusement your turtle brings into your life.

  • Wikiwiki: Quick 
  • Kikokiko: Speckled
  • Loloku: Chunky 
  • Pilikia: Trouble 
  • Hulahula: Dance 
  • Pupule: Crazy 
  • Kapalulu: Clumsy
  • Moloa: Lazy 
  • Kukui: Nut
  • Pukana: Gaze 
  • Hee: Octopus
  • Pipi: Beef 
  • Kope: Coffee 
  • Manuahi: Free 
  • Ono: Delicious
  • Ahi: Fire 
  • Malihini: Newcomer 
  • Kanikani: Dance
  • Palaka: Frog 
  • Lolo: Crazy 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What do Hawaiians call a turtle?

Hawaiians call a turtle “honu.” This term specifically refers to the green sea turtle, which is native to Hawaii and deeply respected in Hawaiian culture.

Q2: Who is the Hawaiian god of turtles?

According to Hawaiian legends, the god Kū, known for his warrior spirit and association with war, would sometimes assume the form of a turtle. This transformation into a turtle was seen as a way for Kū to provide protection against evil spirits, embodying the turtle’s role as a guardian in the mythology.

Q3: What is the most common turtle in Hawaii?

The most common turtle in Hawaii is the green sea turtle, known locally as “honu.” These turtles are frequently observed in the coastal regions of the Hawaiian Islands and are a symbol of good luck and longevity in Hawaiian culture.

Q4: What is the Hawaiian name for Turtle Bay?

Kawela Bay, located at the northeastern tip of Oahu, is a protected bay known for its expansive white beaches. The area is famously named Turtle Bay due to the abundance of Hawaiian green sea turtles, locally known as honu, that frequent its waters.


As we conclude our Hawaiian turtle naming adventure, we are left with a delightful assortment of names that capture the essence of Hawaii.

From the beauty of the islands’ landscape to the enchanting night sky, each name is a token of the diverse and vibrant Hawaiian culture.

These names serve as a gentle reminder of the harmony between nature and culture, a testament to Hawaii’s unique charm.

So whether you own a turtle or are just exploring names, remember each Hawaiian name carries with it a piece of the island paradise.

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