70+ Japanese Teddy Bear Names With Meaning

Japanese Teddy Bear Names

Have you ever found yourself gazing at your cuddly teddy bear and wondering, “What name would perfectly capture your essence?”

If you’re fascinated by Japanese culture or simply love the elegance of the Japanese language, naming your teddy bear with a Japanese name can add a layer of charm and meaning.

So, we’ll explore some enchanting Japanese teddy bear names with meaning, each with its unique significance, to help you find the perfect name for your furry friend.

Japanese Teddy Bear Names With Meanings

Japan is a land of captivating beauty, where every name holds a story and reflects the essence of the country. These Japanese teddy bear names capture the spirit of Japan and Japanese culture. 

Below are 44 Japanese names for your teddy bear, carefully selected for their meanings and phonetics.

  • Hana (花): Flower
  • Haruki (春輝): Shining Brightly
  • Kiko (輝子): Radiant Child
  • Sakura (桜): Cherry Blossom
  • Akira (明): Bright and Clear
  • Yumi (由美): Beauty
  • Kai (海): Ocean
  • Emi (笑): Beautiful Smile
  • Hiroshi (宏): Generous
  • Sora (空): Sky
  • Yuki (雪): Snow
  • Momo (桃): Peach
  • Riku (陸): Land
  • Ayame (菖蒲): Iris
  • Kazuki (和希): Harmony
  • Mika (美佳): New Moon
  • Aiko (愛子): Beloved Child
  • Hoshi (星): Star
  • Koji (光司): Shining Second Son
  • Megumi (恵): Blessing
  • Rina (里奈): Elegant
  • Takumi (匠): Artisan
  • Yumi (弓): Bow
  • Yoshi (良): Good Fortune
  • Naomi (直美): Beautiful and Honest
  • Sora (宇宙): Empty Sky
  • Ren (蓮): Water Lily
  • Miki (美樹): Beautiful Tree
  • Haru (春): Spring
  • Kira (輝): Shining
  • Mai (舞): Dance
  • Nori (海苔): Seaweed
  • Hikaru (光): Radiant
  • Kana (奏): Powerful
  • Yoko (陽子): Positive Child
  • Taro (太郎): Large Son
  • Suki (好き): Beloved
  • Mitsuki (美月): Beautiful Moon
  • Riko (理子): Child of Truth
  • Kiyomi (清美): Pure Beauty
  • Yoshi (義): Respectful
  • Ryuu (龍): Dragon
  • Chika (近): Near
  • Emiko (笑子): Beautiful Child

For those who also appreciate the diversity and richness of Indian culture, exploring Indian names for teddy bears could provide even more inspiration for naming your furry friend.

Japanese Names that mean Teddy Bear

In Japanese, the word for bear is “kuma” (くま). However, several variations and combinations can be created using the word “Kuma” or other words related to bears, nature, or adorable things. Here are 30 names inspired by “kuma” or other related words.

  • Kuma-chan (くまちゃん): Little Bear 
  • Kumako (くまこ): Bear Child 
  • Kumapi (くまぴ): Bear Cub 
  • Kumaru (くまる): Round Bear 
  • Kuma-tan (くまたん): Bear Buddy 
  • Kuma-san (くまさん): Mr. Bear 
  • Kuma-kun (くまくん): Young Bear 
  • Kuma-sama (くますま): Honorable Bear 
  • Kuma-maru (くままる): Circle Bear 
  • Kuma-pi (くまぴ): Sweet Bear 
  • Kuma-taro (くまたろ): Eldest Bear 
  • Kuma-ta (くまた): Gentle Bear 
  • Kuma-yama (くまやま): Mountain Bear 
  • Kuma-mori (くまもり): Forest Bear 
  • Kuma-sora (くますら): Sky Bear 
  • Kuma-hoshi (くまほし): Star Bear 
  • Kuma-tsuki (くまたぎ): Moon Bear 
  • Kuma-yuki (くまゆき): Snow Bear 
  • Kuma-hana (くまはな): Flower Bear 
  • Kuma-mizu (くまみず): Water Bear 
  • Kuma-hi (くまひ): Sun Bear 
  • Kuma-ki (くまき): Wood Bear 
  • Kuma-iro (くまいろ): Colorful Bear 
  • Kuma-ame (くまあめ): Rain Bear 
  • Kuma-taiyo (くまたいよ): Sunlight Bear 
  • Kuma-kumo (くまくも): Cloud Bear 
  • Kuma-suki (くますき): Loved Bear 
  • Kuma-umi (くまうみ): Ocean Bear 
  • Kuma-kawa (くまかわ): River Bear 
  • Kuma-neko (くまねこ): Cat Bear

And for those who find the Celtic charm irresistible, diving into names for Irish bears could offer yet another avenue for finding the perfect name for your teddy bear.

Cute Japanese Teddy Bear Names

Who doesn’t love a cute name for their teddy bear? After all, teddy bears are adorable, and their names should be too!

Below are 50 cute Japanese names perfect for your teddy bear. And don’t worry; all these names are respectful and appropriate.

  • Mochi (もち)
  • Chibi (ちび)
  • Koko (ここ)
  • Yoyo (よよ)
  • Nana (なな)
  • Mimi (みみ)
  • Coco (ここ)
  • Toto (とと)
  • Lulu (るる)
  • Bibi (びび)
  • Fifi (ふふ)
  • Hana (はな)
  • Yaya (やや)
  • Kiki (きき)
  • Lala (らら)
  • Momo (もも)
  • Nono (のの)
  • Pipo (ぴぽ)
  • Ruru (るる)
  • Sisi (しず)
  • Titi (てぃてぃ)
  • Umi (うみ)
  • Vivi (びび)
  • Wawa (わわ)
  • Zuzu (ずず)
  • Kuku (くく)
  • Miku (みく)
  • Riri (りり)
  • Soso (そそ)
  • Yoyo (よよ)
  • Bobo (ぼぼ)
  • Cici (しず)
  • Dodo (どど)
  • Fufu (ふふ)
  • Gigi (ぎぎ)
  • Hoho (ほほ)
  • Jojo (じょじょ)
  • Kaka (かか)
  • Lili (りり)
  • Memo (めも)
  • Nini (にに)
  • Popo (ぽぽ)
  • Roro (ろろ)
  • Sasa (ささ)
  • Tata (たた)
  • Uku (うく)
  • Vovo (ぼぼ)
  • Wewe (うぇうぇ)
  • Xoxo (えっくすえっくす)
  • Yuyu (ゆゆ)

Similarly, if you’re drawn to the warmth and vivacity of Spanish culture, you might also enjoy browsing through a collection of Spanish teddy bear names.


With these Japanese teddy bear names, you can infuse your teddy bear with the grace and beauty of Japan.

Each name on this list carries a touch of Japanese culture and brings a sense of wonder to your teddy bear’s identity.

The above list provides a variety of Japanese names with their meanings, which can help you choose the perfect name for your teddy bear.

Whether you prefer a name related to nature, like Kuma-yama (mountain bear), or something cute and endearing, like Kuma-chan (little bear), there are plenty of options to consider.

The best name for your teddy bear is one that has personal meaning and brings you joy every time you say it. Happy naming!

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