What Are The Care Bear Names in 2024? [By Colors]

75+ care bear names

Casting a spell of wonder and joy since the 1980s, Care Bears continues to captivate hearts, establishing an amazing presence in the world of animated shows and toy franchises.

Born in the 80s, these colorful, cuddly companions have formed a significant part of many childhoods, going beyond their plush toy avatar to be the trusty best friends that guided many kids through life’s ups and downs.

Recognized not just for their cheerful exterior, Care Bears are unique for the distinctive names, symbols, and colors that each of them bears.

Are you ready to rekindle your bond with these charming characters or introduce them to a new generation of fans?

So, buckle up as we dive deep into the magic and unravel the names of the Care Bears.

75+ List of Care Bear Names

Care Bears might seem simple, but each one holds a unique meaning, beautifully represented by their individual names, belly symbols, and colors.

Whether you’re adding to your Care Bears collection, picking the perfect gift, or simply presenting yourself with these adorable creatures, here’s your guide to who’s who in the Care Bear universe.

1. Birthday Bear

birthday bear
  • Color: Golden Yellow
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Cupcake with a candle

Birthday Bear is the life of the party. He is here to spread joy and make every day feel like your special day! His warm golden color and adorable cake symbol are perfect for celebrations.

2. Funshine Bear

  • Color: Lemon Yellow
  • Gender: Female (1980’s), Male (2002-present)
  • Symbol: Sun with a smiling face

 Like a ray of sunshine, Funshine Bear is bright and cheerful. The sunny symbol and lemony hue capture the essence of happiness and good vibes. He is a perfect buddy for fun adventures! 

3. I Love You Bear

  • Color: Golden Yellow
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Heart with “I love you”

I Love You Bear with all heart! She spreads love and affection wherever she goes with her gentle golden color and a symbol that says it all. She’s the one you seek when you need a cuddly hug or a word of kindness. 

4. Superstar Bear

superstar care bear
  • Color: Lemon Yellow
  • Gender: Female (2006-2008), Neutral (2020-present)
  • Symbol: An orange star with a red heart surrounded by three small hearts

Superstar Bear encourages you to embrace your unique sparkle. With a vibrant star and heart symbol, this bear is all about standing out and being proud.

Superstar Bear is your ultimate cheerleader, whether showcasing talent or achieving a goal.

5. Sweet Celebrations Bear

  • Color: Light Yellow
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Smiling heart and star on colorful sprinkles

Sweet Celebrations Bear is the epitome of festive joy! She’s here to remind us to cherish and relish every happy moment with her twinkling symbol. Her loving presence turns any gathering into a heartwarming festivity. 

6. Surprise Bear

  • Color: Sky Blue (1986-1988), Amethyst Purple after
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Heart-stamped jack-in-the-box with a star popping out

Get ready to jump for joy with the Surprise Bear! This delightful Care Bear is here to fill your days with astonishment and giggles.

Surprise Bear reminds us that life is full of unexpected wonders and to accept them with open arms and a big, warm heart.

7. Rainbow Heart Bear

  • Color: Neon Purple
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Rainbow-colored heart

Rainbow Heart Bear is here to inspire kindness and helpfulness. With a rainbow-colored heart, she’s a beacon of love and positivity. Rainbow Heart Bear is a reminder that, just like the colors of a rainbow, every heart is unique and beautiful. Let’s sprinkle a little bit of her colorful magic into the world.

8. Share Bear

  • Color: Lavender/Red-Violet/Violet
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Pink sprinkled ice cream soda with two straws, later changed to crossed lollipops with hearts.

Share Bear is the generous spirit in the Care Bears family. She has vibrant lavender to violet fur, and her belly badge is all about sharing

Not to forget, she’s super close to Tenderheart Bear and Cheer Bear; they’re like the dynamic trio of kindness and joy.

9. Harmony Bear

harmony care bear
  • Color: Violet/Mauve
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Initially a musical note, then hearts, and a smiling rainbow flower (current)

Harmony Bear! She’s like a melody of love and joy. With her violet-to-mauve fur, she’s as calming as a peaceful tune. Her belly badge has evolved, just like a song, through generations.

And oh, her bestie is Friend Bear! They make the most harmonious duo, spreading love and friendship wherever they go. So, let’s hit the high notes of life with Harmony Bear.

10. Secret Bear

  • Color: Pastel Orange, Magenta (2004-present)
  • Gender: Both Male and Female
  • Symbol: Red heart-shaped padlock

Shhh! Gather around and meet the mystical Secret Bear! With fur that’s shifted hues from pastel orange to an enthralling magenta, Secret Bear is the keeper of secrets and a confidant to all in the Care Bear family. 

11. Sweet Dreams Bear

  • Color: Bright Purple (2005-2006), later Mauve
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Light pink moon resting on a cloud surrounded by small hearts

Dreaming of a good night’s sleep? Sweet Dreams Bear ensures peaceful slumbers with her charming belly badge.

Her fur, once bright purple, has now softened to mauve like the night sky easing into a gentle dawn. She’s the ultimate guardian of serene nights.

12. Friend Bear

  • Color: Light Orange/Yellow-Orange/Pastel Orange
  • Gender: Female (1980’s-2018), Male (2020-present)
  • Symbol: Two crossed yellow flowers with green stems and two leaves on each stem

Ah, friendship! Friend Bear embodies this gem with a belly badge of two crossed yellow flowers. Here’s the fun twist, Friend Bear was originally female but transformed into a male character in 2020.

Love-a-lot Bear is Friend Bear’s closest buddy. Together, they’re inseparable and showcase the unyielding power of love and friendship. 

13.Laugh-A-Lot Bear

laugh a lot bear
  • Color: Dark Orange/Yellow-Orange
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Laughing yellow star

Get ready to giggle with the joyous Laugh-A-Lot Bear, our bubbly buddy from the Care Bear family! Its bright orange fur and a laughing yellow star belly badge perfectly represent its jovial personality.

Close-knit with Love-a-Lot Bear, they’re a dynamic duo of joy and love, filling everyone’s heart with lightness and laughter.

14. Amigo Bear

  • Color: Red-Orange
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Red Aztec-style spiral sun surrounded by small hearts

Say hola to Amigo Bear, the epitome of friendship and culture! Wrapped in vibrant red-orange fur, Amigo Bear is the true friend you need to add warmth and excitement to your day. This male Care Bear belly badge is an Aztec sun. 

So just remember, Amigo Bear is the Care Bear ambassador of friendship and cultural celebration.

15. Smart Heart Bear

  • Color: Strawberry Pink/Radical Red
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Red apple with a small white heart-shaped shine

Smart Heart Bear is the genius of the Care Bear family! Dressed in strawberry pink, she’s all about nurturing the mind and the heart. Her belly badge? An enchanting red apple with a white heart-shaped shine. 

16. Too-Loud Bear

  • Color: Coral Red
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Yellow and red bullhorn with a red heart mark

Hold onto your ears because Too-Loud Bear is here! Rocking a vibrant coral red fur. His belly badge features a bold yellow and red bullhorn with a heart mark, and it’s as loud as his personality.

If you ever need someone to cheer you on with full gusto, or if you’re looking for the life of the party, Too-Loud Bear is your guy.

17. Always There Bear

  • Color: Cerise Red/Bright Red
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Two smiling pink and lavender intertwined hearts

Wrapped in Cerise Red/Bright Red fur, Always There Bear is your go-to companion for heartfelt hugs. Her belly badge of two intertwined smiling hearts symbolizes her unwavering support and affection.

Always There Bear is like that best friend you can count on no matter what. So, if you ever feel lonely or in need of a friend, just think of Always There Bear.

18. Cheer Bear

cheer bear
  • Color: Carnation Pink
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: A Rainbow

With her lively Carnation Pink fur, Cheer Bear is the embodiment of joy and happiness. Her belly badge, a rainbow, radiates positivity that can brighten anyone’s day.

She’s that bubbly friend who’s always there to cheer you up with her contagious optimism. She is the ultimate spirit-lifter in the Care Bear family.

19.Love-A-Lot Bear

  • Color: Magenta Pink
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: A pair of red and pink hearts

Love-A-Lot Bear, the Care Bear with a heart so big it needs two to represent it! With her heartwarming Magenta Pink fur, she’s a lovable bundle of affection.

Her belly badge, featuring a pair of red and pink hearts, symbolizes her boundless love and warm-hearted nature.

20. Baby Hugs Bear

  • Color: Light Pink
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Smiling Star inside a Pink Heart

The adorable Baby Hugs Bear! Swathed in Light Pink fur, she’s the epitome of sweetness and warmth. This little cub is known for her comforting cuddles and joyful spirit. Her belly badge – a smiling star snugly nestled inside a pink heart.

When Baby Hugs Bear gives you a hug, it’s like being wrapped in a cozy blanket on a cold day.

21. Champ Bear

  • Color: Tan (1984-1988), Royal Blue (2002-present)
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Yellow trophy with red star (formerly heart) stamp.

Oh, Champ Bear! She’s a true champion, encouraging us to strive and thrive. With her trophy symbol and royal blue fur, she’s all about celebrating big and small wins. Go, Champ Bear!

22. Daydream Bear

  • Color: Blue-violet
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Lavender heart with a yellow ring around it surrounded by small stars

Daydream Bear invites you to dream with open eyes. Her heart-shaped planet symbol and blue-violet fur whisper wonders of imagination and creativity.  Daydream Bear guides you through the boundless realms of imagination.

23.Sea Friend Bear

  • Color: Sea Blue
  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Symbol: Blue ocean waves with a smiling sun behind them.

Sea Friend Bear brings the ocean to you. Adorning its belly is a heartwarming symbol of blue ocean waves with a smiling sun peeking from behind, signifying the happiness and warmth that the ocean can bring to our lives. Sea Friend Bear says, “Dive into the waves of joy!”

24. Messy Bear

  • Color: Periwinkle Blue
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Smiling dark blue tornado

Messy Bear is the life of the party, and his Periwinkle Blue fur is as lively as his spirit! His symbol, a cheerful dark blue tornado, represents the whirlwind of joy and fun he brings along.

Messy Bear is here to remind you that life doesn’t always have to be picture-perfect.

25. Heartsong Bear

  • Color: Turquoise Blue
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Rainbow-colored musical note surrounded by five different colored hearts.

Heartsong Bear dances to the rhythm of love. Her turquoise blue fur and multicolored music note symbol are all about the joy of song and heart. So sing along with Heartsong Bear.

26. Play-a-Lot Bear

  • Color: Sky Blue
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Violet bouncing ball with a red heart stamp and a rainbow trail

Play-a-Lot Bear makes playtime magical. He teaches us the value of play and laughter with his bouncy ball symbol and sky-blue fur. It’s always a fun time with Play-a-Lot Bear!

27. Dream Bright Bear

  • Color: Sky Blue and Lavender
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Winged heart with a resonating rainbow

Dream Bright Bear takes us on a flight of dreams. Her sky blue and lavender fur, along with a winged heart symbol, remind us to dream big and bright. Spread your wings!

28. Good Luck Bear

  • Color: Green
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Four-leaf clover

Good Luck Bear is here to sprinkle some luck into your day! With his rich, Vibrant Green fur, he’s a walking lucky charm. His emblem is a magical four-leaf clover, which is believed to bring good fortune.

29. Do-Your-Best Bear

  • Color: Lime Green
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Multicolored kite

Do-Your-Best Bear, the ultimate motivator in the Care Bear family! His vibrant, zesty lime green fur is an instant mood lifter, and his belly badge features a spirited multicolored kite that just screams ‘aim high’.

30. Bashful Heart Bear

  • Color: Sea Green
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Pink heart hiding behind a cloud with a rainbow.

Bashful Heart Bear, a gentle whisper in the Care Bear family. He’s wrapped in the serene hues of sea green, and his belly badge is a tender sight, a pink heart timidly hiding behind a cloud with a vibrant rainbow.

31. Grams Bear

grams bear
  • Color: Gray/Dark Blue/Turquoise
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Pink rose with a yellow ribbon.

In the world of Care Bears, there’s one wise soul who exudes warmth and compassion, Grams Bear.

Cloaked in serene shades of gray, dark blue, and turquoise, Her belly badge, a delicate pink rose adorned with a yellow ribbon, represents the timeless beauty of her love and care. 

32.Thanks-A-Lot Bear

  • Color: Teal
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Shooting star

The ever-grateful Thanks-A-Lot Bear, the embodiment of gratitude and appreciation! With her radiant teal fur, she spreads a sense of thankfulness wherever she goes. Her belly badge is a dazzling shooting star, a symbol of her grateful spirit.

33. Bedtime Bear

  • Color: Aqua Blue
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Light blue sleeping crescent moon with a yellow hanging star

Bedtime Bear, your trusty companion into the world of dreams! With his soothing aqua-blue fur and his belly badge of a serene, curved moon with a yellow-hanging star, he’s the perfect lullaby buddy.

34. Grumpy Bear

  • Color: Indigo Blue
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Blue rain cloud with small raindrops and hearts beneath.

Grumpy Bear, the expert in turning frowns upside down! With his charming indigo blue fur and his iconic belly badge of a blue rain cloud with small raindrops and hearts beneath, he adds a delightful touch of humor to our lives. 

35. Baby Tugs Bear

  • Color: Light Blue
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol:  Yellow star inside blue cradle (2007-onward)

His light blue fur and a star in a diaper belly badge evoke childhood’s innocent joy. Explore our selection of Baby Care Bear names and add an extra touch of sweetness to your cuddly companion.

36. Take Care Bear

  • Color: Honey Yellow/Light Hot Pink
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Smiling heart hugging a small smiling star

Your caring companion, Take Care Bear, is adorned with honey yellow and light hot pink fur. Her unique belly badge reminds us that we all need to embrace self-care with love.

37. True Heart Bear

  • Color: Light Yellow/White/Pale Pink
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Multi-colored star with a heart in the middle.

True Heart Bear, a beacon of sincerity and authenticity, sports light yellow, white, and pale pink fur. Her belly badge represents the guiding light of her truthful heart.

38. Hopeful Heart Bear

  • Color: Fuchsia Pink
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Pink heart surrounded by multicolored rays of light

Carrying the torch of optimism, Hopeful Heart Bear, with her fuchsia pink fur, brings a hopeful sparkle to your day. Her belly badge radiates positivity!

39. Me Bear

  • Color: Lavender Pink
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Pink smiling heart-shaped hand mirror

Who better to celebrate self-love with than Me Bear? Her lavender pink fur is as charming as her heart-shaped mirror belly badge – a symbol of self-appreciation and admiration.

40. Wonderheart Bear

  • Color: Dark Pink
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Three-layered pink, yellow, and dark pink heart.

The embodiment of love and wonder, Wonderheart Bear has a three-layered heart-belly badge. Her dark pink fur adds to her charming persona.

41. Oopsy Bear

  • Color: Chartreuse Green
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: None, but the drawing varies. Usually, a hand-drawn, smiling shooting star holding a red heart.

Oopsy Bear shoots for the stars! With his shooting star symbol and chartreuse green fur, he’s here to say that making mistakes is a part of life and learning. Let’s twinkle and learn together!

42. Watchful Bear

  • Color: Pastel Green
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Star with Swirls

Watchful Bear, with his starry swirls, keeps an eye on all his friends. He’s a gentle reminder that watching out for each other is what friends do. Stay starry, and be a caring friend!

43. Great Giving Bear

  • Color: Red-Pink
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: A heart popping out of a present box.

With his heart in a present box, the Great Giving Bear shows us the joy of giving. His red-pink fur wraps us in warmth and kindness. Sharing is caring with the Great Giving Bear!

44. Warm Fuzzies Bear

  • Color: Black with Pastel Rainbow; Fur is Salmon
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Cloud hugging a heart with three flowers surrounding it

Warm Fuzzies Bear wraps us in cozy love. With her salmon fur and pastel rainbows, she’s here to give all the warm and fuzzy feelings. Snuggle up with Warm Fuzzies Bear!

45. Self-Care Bear

  • Color: Green
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Peace Sign in a Flower

Meet Self Care Bear, the champion of well-being! His peace sign and green fur remind us that caring for ourselves is super important. Breathe and bloom with a Self Care Bear!

46. Recycling Bear

  • Color: Pastel Blue
  • Gender: Neutral
  • Symbol: Rainbow recycling symbol with hearts and Starbuddies

Recycling Bear is the hero of our planet. With a rainbow recycling symbol, this bear encourages us to care for the Earth. Let’s go green and make the world sparkle!

47. Precious Heart Bear

  • Color: Magenta
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Three hearts surrounded by a border of more hearts, with a keyhole opening to reveal a hiding spot and mirror.

Precious Heart Bear keeps love locked in her heart. Her keyhole and heart symbol tells us that love is a treasure. Unlock your heart with Precious Heart Bear!

48. Sweet Message Bear

  • Color: Pastel Rainbow
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Two smiling pink and purple hearts

Sweet Message Bear whispers lovely notes. Her pastel rainbow fur and two smiling hearts are all about sharing sweet words. Let’s spread the love with sweet messages!

49. Prize Bear

prize bare
  • Color: Pink, Orange, Brown, and Mint
  • Gender: Based on various Care Bears
  • Symbol: Tenderheart Bear and Brave Heart Lion holding the Care-a-Lot Kids symbol

Prize Bear is the ultimate combo of joy! This bear is a mix of colors and characters. It’s all about celebrating the magic of friendship and unity.

50. Pink Power Bear

  • Color: Pink
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Pink awareness ribbon with a small silver heart between its loop

Pink Power Bear stands strong. Her pink ribbon is a symbol of hope and strength. Let’s be warriors of love and kindness with Pink Power Bear!

51. Togetherness Bear

  • Color: Rainbow Pastel Rainbow 
  • Gender: Neutral
  • Symbol: Rainbow-colored swirl shaped like a heart

Togetherness Bear is all about love and unity. With a heart-shaped rainbow, this bear encourages us to embrace and cherish one another. “Love all” is the motto, and Togetherness Bear wears it proudly.

52. Sweet Sakura Bear

  • Color: Baby Pink
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Pink cherry blossom with a red heart in the middle

Embrace the bloom with Sweet Sakura Bear! Her cherry blossom symbol and baby pink fur celebrate the beauty in everything. Sweet Sakura Bear adores all things pretty and loves to share that joy.

53.Sea Friend Bear

  • Color: Sea Blue
  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Symbol: Blue ocean waves with a smiling sun behind it

Dive into the waves with Sea Friend Bear! With sea blue fur and sunny waves, this bear is your buddy for oceanic adventures. Sail through the sea with friendship and fun!

54. I Care Bear

  • Color: Light Blue/Green
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Smiling heart and symbol linked together by a heart

I Care Bear is here to show you how much he cares! His smiling heart is a symbol of love and kindness. With I Care Bear, every day is a heart-filled fiesta of care.

55. Calming Heart Bear

  • Color: Yellow/Pink
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Pink butterfly with glittery wings colored teal, orange, purple, and yellow.

Feel the flutter with Calming Heart Bear. Her butterfly symbol and calming colors will wrap you in peace. Take a deep breath and let your heart soar with Calming Heart Bear.

56. Shiver Me Timbear

  • Color: Light Brown
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: A heart and crossbones.

Ahoy, mates! Shiver Me Timbear is ready to sail the seven seas. With his pirate-themed heart and crossbones, he’s all about treasure hunts and daring adventures. Climb aboard for some swashbuckling fun!

57. Spooky Sparkle Bear

  • Color: Purple, Hot Pink, Yellow-Orange, Sunshine Yellow
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Red-orange heart with vampire fangs and black bat wings

Get ready for spooky delights with Spooky Sparkle Bear. Her bat wings and vampire fangs heart are perfect for a night of fun and frights. Let’s get spooky with Spooky Sparkle Bear!

58. Christmas Wishes Bear

  • Color: White/Light Blue-White
  • Gender: Neutral
  • Symbol: Christmas Tree

Hear the jingle bells with Christmas Wishes Bear! This snowy friend brings holiday cheer with a Christmas tree. Make a wish and celebrate the season of giving!

59. Dare to Care Bear

  • Color: Multicolored
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: A pair of yellow and blue smiling shooting stars

Shoot for the stars with Dare to Care Bear! With her shooting stars, she encourages us to dare to care. Take a leap of kindness, and let your caring heart fly high!

60. Forest Friend Bear

forest bear
  • Color: Pastel Yellow (1980’s), Reddish Brown (Later)
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: A bear and rabbit in front of two trees (1980s), A bear and rabbit in front of a double-layer green heart (Later)

Wander into the woods with Forest Friend Bear. His symbol of a bear and rabbit in front of trees is a call to the wild. Get in touch with nature and make friends with the forest!

61. Piece of Heart Bear

  • Color: Neon Pink
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Quilted Heart

Piece of Heart Bear wears her neon pink fur with pride. Her quilted heart belly badge signifies the love and compassion she carries in her heart.

62. ILY Bear

  • Color: Purple/Light Blue
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Smiling heart surrounded by a rainbow heart

A warm hug from the ILY Bear, with her purple and light blue fur, conveys a message of love and inclusivity. Her symbol is a cheerful reminder of love’s diverse and beautiful colors.

63. Hello Fren Bear

  • Color: Light Blue to Blue/Purple Galaxy Gradient
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Three hearts in a speech bubble

The sociable Hello Fren Bear, with his spectacular galaxy gradient fur, is everyone’s friendly companion. He encourages us to express ourselves with kindness and connect with people from around the world.

64. Heart of Gold Bear

  • Color: White Light Brown/Gold
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Golden Heart

Heart of Gold Bear, with his light brown/golden fur, is a beacon of kindness. His golden heart symbol celebrates the joy of creating a more caring world.

65. Bo the Take Care Bear

  • Color: Yellow/Blue/Pink
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Simple three-colored rainbow

Bo the Take Care Bear, with his vibrant fur colors, embodies care and nurturing. His rainbow symbol resonates with the spirit of healing and well-being, making him everyone’s favorite bear.

66. All My Heart Bear

  • Color: Red
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: A pair of concentric red hearts

Embodying the essence of Valentine’s Day, All My Heart Bear, with her red fur, spreads love and warmth. Her double-heart symbol stands for the love-filled gifts she showers on everyone.

67. Work of Heart Bear

  • Color: Rainbow
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Yellow heart-shaped artist’s palette with heart-shaped paints

Work of Heart Bear, with her vibrant rainbow fur, champions individuality and creativity. Her artist palette symbol encourages us all to celebrate our unique talents.

68. Unity Bear

  • Color: Light Turquoise
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Three paws forming a triangle

Promoting unity and togetherness, Unity Bear, in her light turquoise fur, brings us all closer. Her unique three-paw symbol represents harmony and mutual support.

69. True North Bear

  • Color: White
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Maple leaf with a winter hat

The patriotic True North Bear, wearing his white fur, exudes the spirit of Canada. His maple leaf symbol topped with a winter hat is a cool nod to his Northern roots.

70. Trick-or-Sweet Bear

  • Color: Orange
  • Gender: Neutral
  • Symbol: Jack-O-Lantern

This is the festival of Trick-or-Sweet Bear! Sporting vibrant orange fur, this bear is a Halloween enthusiast. With a Jack-O-Lantern belly badge, it’s all about spooktacular fun.

71. America Cares Bear

  • Color: White
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Heart-shaped American Flag

Wave the flag with America Cares Bear! He wears his heart-shaped American flag with pride and joy. He’s all about spreading love, liberty, and unity. And hey, in his world, there’s no “I” in the team. You’ll feel like cheering whenever you see him, “Hip, hip, hooray!”

72.Care-A-Lot Bear

  • Color: Multicolored
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Care-a-Lot Castle with a rising rainbow on the bottom, connected with two small clouds

Welcome to the magical land with Care-A-Lot Bear. Her symbol is the Care-a-Lot Castle with a rainbow. It’s like living in a fairytale! Care-A-Lot Bear loves to throw parties and share smiles in her magical castle.

73. Best Friend Bear

  • Color: Grape Purple/Mauvelous/Orchid
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Smiling heart and star linked by a rainbow

Your BFF is here, it’s Best Friend Bear! Her symbol of a heart and star linked by a rainbow is all about the bond of friendship. Sharing secrets, giggles, and hugs is her specialty!

74. Good Luck Charm Bear

  • Color: Shamrock Green/Kiwi Green
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Green four-leaf clover

Rub the magic lamp because Good Luck Charm Bear is here! His four-leaf clover brings good fortune to all. Find a lucky penny or see a shooting star with Good Luck Charm Bear!

75. Shine Bright Bear

  • Color: Bright Pink (2006), Cerise Pink (Later)
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Yellow rising sun inside a purple heart

When life gets you down, Shine Bright Bear lifts you up! Her sunny disposition, reflected in her sun-inside-a-heart belly badge, will have you feeling like you can conquer anything with a skip in your step.

76. Smart Heart Bear

  • Color: Strawberry Pink, Brink Pink
  • Gender: Female
  • Symbol: Red apple with a small white heart-shaped shine

Get your thinking caps on for Smart Heart Bear! She’s all about learning and curiosity. Her red apple symbol means knowledge is yummy! Smart Heart is always ready to dive into a good book or solve puzzles.

77. Tenderheart Bear

  • Color: Brown-Orange/Tangerine/Orange
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Red heart with a pink outline/Smiling heart (As a cub, 2004)

Meet the lovable Tender Heart Bear. With his caring heart, he’s the ultimate friend and protector. Tender Heart Bear shows us how to love and care with all our hearts. Let’s share a hug!

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Conclusion: Celebrating the Legacy of Care Bears

The universe of Care Bears extends far beyond a simple toy collection or animated series; it has become an essential part of many childhood experiences, offering life lessons wrapped in a rainbow of colors, warm cuddles, and unforgettable characters.

As you’ve explored the Plushie names of these delightful characters, you’ve journeyed deeper into the heart of what makes the Care Bears such cherished companions. Each name, belly symbol, and color tells a story that resonates with young and old alike, giving us a restart of appreciation for these iconic characters.

Each Care Bear is a reminder of the power of friendship, empathy, and kindness. Keep their names close to your heart, and you’ll always have a piece of Care-a-Lot with you. The only question is, which Care Bear speaks to you the most?

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