250+ Names That Mean Sheep in Different Cultures

250+ Names That Mean Sheep in Different Cultures

Fascination with names is as old as language itself. Have you ever wondered about names that carry the essence of something as humble yet significant as sheep?

These gentle creatures symbolize purity, peace, and innocence across various cultures.

Explore over 250 names that mean sheep, reflecting diverse cultures and languages, symbolizing innocence, gentleness, and strength.

Best Names That Mean Sheep

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When you think of sheep, words like ‘gentle’, ‘calm’, and ‘soft’ might come to mind. Names that mean sheep often carry these qualities, reflecting a peaceful and nurturing personality.

Often rooted in various languages and cultures, these ideas reflect characteristics such as gentleness, serenity, and a nurturing spirit.

  • Alvan (Hebrew, ‘Sublime’, noble as a sheep)
  • Berwyn (Welsh, ‘Fair Head’, as pure as sheep’s wool)
  • Cian (Irish, ‘Ancient’, enduring as the legacy of sheep)
  • Deor (Old English, ‘Beloved’, cherished as a lamb)
  • Eben (Hebrew, ‘Stone’, solid as a ram)
  • Fintan (Irish, ‘White Fire’, bright as a lamb’s fleece)
  • Goran (Slavic, ‘Mountain Man’, strong as a ram)
  • Hywel (Welsh, ‘Eminent’, distinguished as a sheep)
  • Iolo (Welsh, ‘Worthy Lord’, noble as a ram)
  • Jowan (Cornish, ‘God is Gracious’, kind as a lamb)
  • Kelby (Norse, ‘Farm by the Spring’, pastoral as a sheep’s meadow)
  • Lir (Irish, ‘Sea’, vast as a sheep-filled valley)
  • Mael (Breton, ‘Prince’, regal as a ram)
  • Nen (Egyptian, ‘Ancient Waters’, deep as a sheep’s history)
  • Owain (Welish, ‘Youth’, vibrant as a lamb)
  • Peran (Cornish, ‘Saint’, holy as a lamb)
  • Quinlan (Irish, ‘Slim’, graceful as a lamb)
  • Ronan (Irish, ‘Little Seal’, gentle as a lamb)
  • Selig (Yiddish, ‘Blessed’, fortunate as a shepherd)
  • Tamas (Hungarian, ‘Twin’, close as sheep in a flock)
  • Uri (Hebrew, ‘My Light’, bright as a lamb’s fleece)
  • Wylan (English, ‘From the Land by the River’, peaceful as a sheep’s habitat)
  • Xerach (Hebrew, ‘Shining Light’, bright as a lamb’s wool)
  • Yestin (Welsh, ‘Just’, fair as a shepherd)
  • Ziven (Slavic, ‘Lively’, spirited as a lamb)
  • Anwell (Welsh, ‘Loved One’, dear as a pet lamb)
  • Bowen (Welsh, ‘Son of Owen’, cherished as a young lamb)
  • Calum (Scottish, ‘Dove’, peaceful as a lamb)
  • Dermot (Irish, ‘Free from Envy’, content as a sheep)
  • Elgan (Welsh, ‘Bright Circle’, shining as a lamb’s wool)
  • Finbar (Irish, ‘Fair-haired’, light as a sheep’s fleece)
  • Gwion (Welsh, ‘Fair’, bright as a lamb)
  • Hafgan (Welsh, ‘Summer Song’, joyous as lambs in a meadow)
  • Iestyn (Welish, ‘Just’, fair as a shepherd’s care)
  • Jorvik (Norse, ‘Wild Boar’, strong as a ram)
  • Kynan (Welish, ‘Chief’, leading as a ram)
  • Llew (Welsh, ‘Lion-like’, brave as a ram)
  • Myrick (Welsh, ‘Dark-skinned’, robust as a ram)
  • Nyle (Irish, ‘Champion’, strong as a ram)
  • Orlan (Russian, ‘Eagle’, majestic as a ram)
  • Pwyll (Welsh, ‘Sense’, wise as a shepherd)
  • Rhodri (Welish, ‘Wheel King’, leading as a ram)
  • Sevan (Armenian, ‘Lake’, deep as the bond with sheep)
  • Taliesin (Welsh, ‘Radiant Brow’, bright as a lamb’s fleece)
  • Uther (Welsh, ‘Terrible’, mighty as a ram)
  • Valerian (Latin, ‘Strong’, robust as a ram)
  • Wynfor (Welsh, ‘Fair’, pure as a lamb’s wool)
  • Yorath (Welsh, ‘Handsome Lord’, noble as a ram)
  • Zephyros (Greek, ‘West Wind’, gentle as a lamb’s breath)

Names that Mean Sheep in Different Languages

Names that Mean Sheep in Different Languages

Get on a linguistic journey with names that mean sheep worldwide.

Each tag in this list is a window into a different culture, offering a unique perspective on how various societies perceive and honor these gentle creatures.

  • Avena (Spanish)
  • Bheriya (Hindi)
  • Cừu (Vietnamese)
  • Daejang (Korean)
  • Eanraig (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Får (Swedish)
  • Gwana (Swahili)
  • Haruf (Arabic)
  • Isi (Zulu)
  • Juf (Dutch)
  • Karnero (Tagalog)
  • Lamba (Icelandic)
  • Mee (Lao)
  • Nammal (Turkish)
  • Ovelha (Portuguese)
  • Pan (Greek)
  • Qoyun (Azerbaijani)
  • Raan (Hebrew)
  • Sípka (Czech)
  • Vceľa (Slovak)
  • Weide (German)
  • Xaruf (Maltese)
  • Yang (Chinese)
  • Zemer (Albanian)
  • Bari (Punjabi)
  • Caora (Irish)
  • Dun (Mongolian)
  • Elaphos (Greek)
  • Far (Danish)
  • Ghosfand (Persian)
  • Hårfagre (Norwegian)
  • Irve (Estonian)
  • Jangoli (Kazakh)
  • Khriv (Georgian)
  • Lammetje (Afrikaans)
  • Naadh (Somali)
  • Olla (Galician)
  • Pecore (Italian)
  • Qiviuq (Inuktitut)
  • Rak (Polish)
  • Schaf (German)
  • Tond (Hindi)
  • Ullr (Old Norse)
  • Wul (Luxembourgish)

Popular Names That Mean Sheep

Popular Names That Mean Sheep

In popular names, those that signify sheep stand out for their blend of charm and significance.

Following names have woven their way into the hearts of many, becoming timeless choices across generations.

Let’s delve into these popular names that mean sheep, each reflecting a unique aspect of these serene creatures.

  • Abel (Hebrew, ‘Breath’, gentle as a lamb’s whisper)
  • Balwen (Welsh, ‘White Patch’, reminiscent of a sheep’s wool)
  • Caolan (Irish, ‘Slim’, elegant as a sheep)
  • Devdan (Sanskrit, ‘Gift of the Gods’, precious as a lamb)
  • Edmond (English, ‘Wealth Protector’, strong as a ram)
  • Fioralba (Italian, ‘Flower of the Dawn’, pure as a lamb)
  • Gavino (Italian, ‘From Gabium’, pastoral like a sheep’s meadow)
  • Hagan (German, ‘Enclosure’, safe as a sheepfold)
  • Iagan (Scottish, ‘Little Fire’, spirited as a young lamb)
  • Jaelen (Modern, ‘Calmness’, peaceful as a sheep)
  • Kai (Hawaiian, ‘Sea’, deep as the bond with sheep in pastoral cultures)
  • Liora (Hebrew, ‘My Light’, bright as a sheep’s fleece)
  • Macon (French, ‘Marsh Dweller’, as peaceful as a grazing sheep)
  • Nesta (Welsh, ‘Pure’, simple as a lamb)
  • Oanez (Breton, ‘Lamb’, directly symbolizing the animal)
  • Padget (English, ‘Attendant’, like a shepherd to sheep)
  • Quillon (French, ‘Crossing Swords’, protective as a ram)
  • Rael (Hebrew, ‘Sheep’s Friend’, symbolizing companionship)
  • Samir (Arabic, ‘Companion in Evening Talk’, gentle as a lamb’s bleat)
  • Tilden (English, ‘Fertile Valley’, bountiful as a sheep-filled pasture)
  • Uriel (Hebrew, ‘God is My Light’, guiding as a shepherd)
  • Varden (English, ‘From the Green Hill’, pastoral as a sheep’s home)
  • Wes (English, ‘Western Meadow’, open as fields of sheep)
  • Yale (Welsh, ‘Fertile Upland’, abundant as a sheep pasture)
  • Zephyrine (Greek, ‘West Wind’, gentle as a lamb’s breath)
  • Asa (Hebrew, ‘Healer’, soothing as a lamb’s presence)
  • Birk (Scandinavian, ‘Birch Tree’, strong as a ram)
  • Callum (Scottish, ‘Dove’, peaceful as a lamb)
  • Doran (Irish, ‘Stranger’, mysterious as the distant bleat of a sheep)
  • Elvio (Italian, ‘Blonde’, bright as a lamb’s fleece)
  • Faron (English, ‘Pharos’, guiding as a shepherd)
  • Giselle (French, ‘Pledge’, dedicated as a shepherd to sheep)
  • Haldor (Norse, ‘Thor’s Rock’, strong as a ram)
  • Idris (Welsh, ‘Ardent Lord’, passionate as a protective ram)
  • Jorah (Hebrew, ‘Early Rain’, nurturing as a pasture for sheep)
  • Kellan (Gaelic, ‘Slender’, graceful as a lamb)
  • Lorne (Scottish, ‘Fox’, clever as a sheep evading predators)
  • Myles (Greek, ‘Destroyer’, ironically gentle like a lamb)
  • Nairne (Scottish, ‘River with Alder Trees’, natural as a sheep’s habitat)
  • Oisin (Irish, ‘Little Deer’, gentle as a lamb)
  • Pax (Latin, ‘Peace’, calm as a grazing sheep)
  • Quinton (Latin, ‘Fifth’, orderly as a flock of sheep)
  • Rowan (Gaelic, ‘Little Red One’, vibrant as a lively lamb)
  • Soren (Scandinavian, ‘Stern’, commanding as a ram)
  • Tynan (Irish, ‘Dark’, mysterious as the night in a sheep pasture)
  • Usher (English, ‘Doorkeeper’, watchful as a shepherd)
  • Vaughn (Welsh, ‘Small’, humble as a lamb)
  • Wyn (Welsh, ‘Fair’, pure as a lamb’s wool)
  • Yarden (Hebrew, ‘To flow down’ serene as the life of shepherd )

Names that Mean Lamb

Names that Mean Lamb

Lambs, with their symbolism of innocence and new beginnings, inspire a range of beautiful names. This collection brings together names that capture the essence of a lamb’s gentle nature.

Whether you’re seeking a name that’s traditional or unconventional, this selection has something that will resonate with the sweetness of a lamb.

  • Blanca (Spanish for ‘White’, akin to a lamb’s fleece)
  • Dafad (Welsh for ‘Sheep’)
  • Farid (Arabic for ‘Unique’, like each lamb)
  • Ghosfandi (Persian for ‘Lamb’)
  • Hadana (Hebrew for ‘Flock’)
  • Ianca (Romanian for ‘Lamb’)
  • Kuzu (Turkish for ‘Lamb’)
  • Memna (Urdu for ‘Lamb’)
  • Nana (Greek for ‘Grace’, like a lamb’s movement)
  • Qurban (Arabic for ‘Sacrifice’, often a lamb)
  • Seh (Punjabi for ‘Lamb’)
  • Talleen (Arabic for ‘Absorbed’, as in a lamb’s innocence)
  • Uan (Scots for ‘Lamb’)
  • Vean (Cornish for ‘Little one’, like a lamb)
  • Xezal (Kurdish for ‘Lamb’)
  • Zanahoria (Spanish for ‘Carrot’, playful like a lamb)
  • Amnos (Greek for ‘Lamb’)
  • Domba (Indonesian for ‘Sheep’)
  • Esquilino (Italian, related to shepherding)
  • Fårkling (Swedish for ‘Little sheep’)
  • Gida (Hausa for ‘Sheep’)
  • Hammal (Kashmiri for ‘Lamb’)
  • Imek (Turkish diminutive for ‘Lamb’)
  • Jip (Korean for ‘House’, safe as a lamb)
  • Lämmchen (German for ‘Little lamb’)
  • Miel (French for ‘Honey’, sweet as a lamb)
  • Nemer (Egyptian for ‘Tiger’, ironically contrasting a lamb)
  • Pashm (Persian for ‘Wool’, soft as a lamb)
  • Qivitoq (Greenlandic, evoking nature’s purity)
  • Raanana (Hebrew for ‘Fresh’, like a new lamb)
  • Shafali (Hindi for ‘Spring’, the season of lambs)
  • Taleh (Azerbaijani for ‘Lamb’)
  • Vițel (Romanian for ‘Calf’, gentle like a lamb)
  • Xarne (Fictional, embodying the spirit of a lamb)

Names that Mean Sheep Male

Names that Mean Sheep Male

The male sheep, or ram, embodies strength, leadership, and a bold spirit. Options in this category reflect these powerful attributes.

  • Aries (Zodiac sign symbolized by a ram)
  • Cormac (Irish, associated with ‘Son of a Ram’)
  • Dali (Sumerian, associated with ‘Ram’)
  • Elon (Hebrew for ‘Oak’, strong as a ram)
  • Fionnlagh (Scottish, means ‘White sheep’)
  • Gimmel (A play on ‘Gimel’, a Hebrew letter resembling a ram)
  • Hamal (Arabic star name, ‘Head of the Ram’)
  • Ixaka (Basque for ‘Laughter’, like a playful ram)
  • Jael (Hebrew, ‘Mountain Goat’, akin to a ram)
  • Kivik (Inspired by ‘Kevek’, an energetic ram)
  • Lagan (Irish, ‘Little Hollow’, like a resting ram)
  • Navid (Persian, ‘Good News’, as a ram brings in spring)
  • Ollaneg (Welsh, ‘Lamb’)
  • Panur (Albanian, ‘Flock of Sheep’)
  • Qochqor (Uzbek, ‘Ram’)
  • Saphan (Hebrew, ‘Bunny’, ironically gentle for a ram)
  • Taji (Swahili, ‘Crown’, majestic like a ram)
  • Uilliam (Irish, ‘Resolute Protector’, like a ram)
  • Vadin (Inspired by ‘Wade’, to go firmly)
  • Woolworth (English, ‘Wool Enclosure’, like a ram’s domain)
  • Xerxes (Persian, ‘Ruler’, commanding like a ram)
  • Yarin (Hebrew, ‘To Understand’, wise as a ram)
  • Zephyr (Greek, ‘West Wind’, swift as a ram)
  • Alaric (Germanic, ‘All-Powerful Ruler’, strong as a ram)
  • Bedan (Biblical, ‘Son of My Judgment’)
  • Cezar (Latin, ‘Long Haired’, like a woolly ram)
  • Dries (Dutch, ‘Man or Warrior’, strong as a ram)
  • Evander (Greek, ‘Good Man’, noble as a ram)
  • Faolan (Irish, ‘Little Wolf’, spirited as a ram)
  • Gavrel (Hebrew, ‘God is My Strength’)
  • Haran (Biblical, ‘Mountaineer’, akin to a ram)
  • Isarn (Germanic, ‘Iron’, strong as a ram)
  • Jorrel (Invented, ‘Joyful Strength’)
  • Kellen (Gaelic, ‘Powerful’)
  • Laramie (French, ‘Canopy of Leafy Boughs’)
  • Maccus (Latin, ‘Hammer’, strong as a ram)
  • Niall (Irish, ‘Champion’)
  • Orion (Greek, ‘Son of Fire’, powerful as a ram)
  • Paskal (Hebrew, ‘Passover’, when lambs are significant)
  • Qadir (Arabic, ‘Capable’, strong as a ram)
  • Ragnor (Norse, ‘Army Ruler’, commanding as a ram)
  • Samson (Hebrew, ‘Sun’, powerful as a ram)
  • Taurus (Zodiac sign, strength of a bull, akin to a ram)
  • Ulf (Scandinavian, ‘Wolf’, as fierce as a ram)
  • Valentin (Latin, ‘Strong’, like a ram)
  • Wulfric (Germanic, ‘Wolf Power’)
  • Xylon (Greek, ‘Forest’, robust as a ram)

Girl Names That Mean Sheep

Delving into girl names associated with sheep opens up a world of elegance and grace. Below-mentioned names are reminiscent of the softness and nurturing qualities of sheep.

Ideal for those who appreciate these creatures’ delicate yet strong nature, this collection offers names that are both beautiful and meaningful, each carrying the essence of serenity and kindness.

  • Agnesia (Greek, ‘Pure’, like a sheep)
  • Behira (Hebrew, ‘Shining’, like a sheep’s fleece)
  • Chalina (Spanish, ‘Blanket’, soft as a lamb’s wool)
  • Dafne (Greek, ‘Laurel’, delicate as a lamb)
  • Eira (Welsh, ‘Snow’, pure as a lamb’s fleece)
  • Fenna (Dutch, ‘Peace’, serene as a lamb)
  • Hedi (German, ‘Fighter’, spirited as a lamb)
  • Iona (Scottish, ‘Blessed’, peaceful as a lamb)
  • Jemima (Hebrew, ‘Dove’, gentle as a lamb)
  • Keira (Irish, ‘Dark-haired’, soft as a lamb’s wool)
  • Lammie (Playful, ‘Little Lamb’)
  • Merina (Inspired by ‘Merino’, a type of sheep)
  • Naveta (Spanish, ‘Shuttle’, weaving like wool)
  • Pascuala (Spanish, ‘Easter’, a time for lambs)
  • Querida (Spanish, ‘Beloved’, cherished like a lamb)
  • Tala (Native American, ‘Stalking Wolf’, ironically contrasted with a lamb)
  • Una (Irish, ‘Lamb’)
  • Vesta (Latin, ‘Goddess of Hearth’, warm as a lamb’s wool)
  • Woolma (Invented, ‘Wool-like’, soft and gentle)
  • Xena (Greek, ‘Hospitable’, caring as a shepherd)
  • Yara (Arabic, ‘Small Butterfly’, delicate as a lamb)
  • Zara (Hebrew, ‘Princess’, noble as a lamb)
  • Aveline (French, ‘Wished for Child’, innocent as a lamb)
  • Blythe (English, ‘Free Spirit’, joyful as a lamb)
  • Cordera (Spanish, ‘Female Lamb’)
  • Delwen (Welsh, ‘Pretty and White’, like a lamb’s wool)
  • Elwen (Welsh, ‘Fair Brow’, gentle as a lamb)
  • Fiora (Italian, ‘Flower’, delicate as a lamb)
  • Gwenda (Welsh, ‘Fair and Good’, pure as a lamb)
  • Hestia (Greek, ‘Hearth’, warm and nurturing)
  • Isolde (Welsh, ‘Ice Ruler’, strong yet gentle)
  • Jovita (Latin, ‘Joyful’, happy as a lamb)
  • Kassia (Greek, ‘Cinnamon’, spicy yet sweet)
  • Lavinia (Latin, ‘Purity’, like a lamb)
  • Mireille (French, ‘To Admire’, lovely as a lamb)
  • Nessa (Hebrew, ‘Miracle’, precious as a lamb)
  • Ophelia (Greek, ‘Help’, nurturing as a shepherdess)
  • Phoebe (Greek, ‘Radiant’, bright as a lamb’s fleece)
  • Qadira (Arabic, ‘Capable’, strong as a shepherdess)
  • Ragna (Norse, ‘Goddess’, powerful yet gentle)
  • Selene (Greek, ‘Moon’, serene as a night-time shepherd)
  • Tamar (Hebrew, ‘Palm Tree’, resilient yet graceful)
  • Ula (Celtic, ‘Gem of the Sea’, precious as a lamb)
  • Verena (Latin, ‘Integrity’, pure as a lamb)
  • Wynn (Welsh, ‘Fair’, bright as a lamb’s wool)
  • Xanthippe (Greek, ‘Yellow Horse’, vibrant and lively)

For more sheep name ideas, check out these

Final Thoughts

As you consider the names that mean sheep for whatever purpose, whether for a newborn or a character in a story, let them remind you of nature’s simple yet profound beauty.

They are a testament to the enduring legacy of sheep in our lives, symbolizing everything from peace and innocence to resilience and leadership.

Ultimately, the names we choose, like the sheep that inspire them, can reflect the qualities we cherish most.

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