680+ Black Dragon Names (Unique, Cool, & Bold Ideas)

Black Dragon Names

Dragons capture our imagination like nothing else. Majestic, mysterious, and powerful black dragons stand out with their enigmatic presence and formidable strength.

If you’re here, you’re likely seeking the perfect name for a black dragon that can star in your next fantasy adventure, game, or story.

Fear not, for you’ve found the treasure trove of black dragon names. Each is carefully chosen to spark imagination and bring your dragons to life.

From the depths of mythical lore to the edge of modern fantasy, find the perfect moniker for your winged beast.

Best Black Dragon Names

Black Dragon Names Ideas

When it comes to black dragons, their names should be as majestic and powerful as they are. Here are top picks that evoke strength, mystery, and the awe-inspiring presence of these mythical creatures.

These aren’t just any names; they’re the cream of the crop, meant for dragons that leave a mark on the tales they’re part of.

  • Nightshade
  • Obsidian
  • Eclipse
  • Shadow Wing
  • Dark Ember
  • Midnight
  • Black Torrent
  • Void Whisper
  • Twilight Fang
  • Abyss Stalker
  • Sable Claw
  • Storm Bringer
  • Ember Veil
  • Gloom Scepter
  • Raven Shroud
  • Dusk Talon
  • Nether Quill
  • Void Serpent
  • Crimson Night
  • Umbral Gust
  • Dark Mirage
  • Silent Doom
  • Wraith Spire
  • Bleak Horizon
  • Mystic Veil
  • Nocturnal Spear
  • Twilight Phantom
  • Whispering Shade
  • Darkened Void
  • Eternal Dusk
  • Frozen Shadow
  • Specter Wing
  • Dark Nebula
  • Celestial Dark
  • Shadow Pulse

Male Black Dragon Names

Male Black Dragon Names

The male black dragon symbolizes strength, courage, and untamed power. These dragons carve their paths with fire and shadow, commanding respect from all who cross their flight.

The options you will find here are chosen for their boldness and strength, fitting for a creature that rules the skies with a fierce heart and an unbreakable will.

  • Dark Talon
  • Grim Shadow
  • Iron Scale
  • Thunder Roar
  • Obsidian Fang
  • Shadow Flame
  • Black Ember
  • Storm Wing
  • Midnight Gleam
  • Dark Whisper
  • Onyx Heart
  • Eclipse Claw
  • Phantom Breath
  • Abyssal Wind
  • Coal Strike
  • Sable Wing
  • Dusk Mane
  • Cinder Snarl
  • Ashen Horn
  • Smolder Crest
  • Ember Eye
  • Flame Tail
  • Soot Feather
  • Scorched Fang
  • Charred Wing
  • Molten Claw
  • Inferno Breath
  • Magma Heart
  • Lava Spine
  • Pyre Blaze
  • Fiery Soul
  • Burning Shadow
  • Coal Scream
  • Volcano Spirit

Black Female Dragon Names

Grace, wisdom, and the fierce spirit of the warrior queen define the female black dragon. She moves through the night elegantly, her power matched only by her mystique.

The girl dragon names selected for these regal beings are imbued with the magic of ancient lore and the strength of femininity.

  • Night Silk
  • Moon Whisper
  • Twilight Mist
  • Starless Sky
  • Midnight Shimmer
  • Obsidian Silk
  • Eclipse Feather
  • Dark Pearl
  • Onyx Whisper
  • Sable Moon
  • Dusk Petal
  • Velvet Night
  • Gloom Blossom
  • Cinder Rose
  • Ember Glow
  • Flame Lily
  • Soot Web
  • Char Shadow
  • Molten Tear
  • Lava Grace
  • Pyre Spark
  • Fiery Veil
  • Burning Whisper
  • Coal Veil
  • Volcano Song
  • Fierce Beauty
  • Dark Siren
  • Mystic Shade
  • Umbral Bloom
  • Gloaming Silk
  • Eventide Whisper
  • Umbral Wisp
  • Sable Grace
  • Obscure Flame
  • Cryptic Glow
  • Arcane Whisper
  • Spellbound Night
  • Mystic Glimmer

Unisex Names for Black Dragon

In the dragon world, where power knows no gender, unisex names are a testament to versatility and boundless strength.

They are chosen for their universal appeal, resonating with the spirit of freedom that black dragons represent, soaring beyond the confines of the ordinary world.

  • Shadow Seeker
  • Night Wanderer
  • Dark Voyager
  • Star Gazer
  • Moon Dancer
  • Eclipse Chaser
  • Abyss Walker
  • Phantom Rider
  • Void Traveler
  • Obsidian Drifter
  • Gloom Navigator
  • Cinder Roamer
  • Ash Drift
  • Flame Wanderer
  • Soot Strider
  • Char Explorer
  • Scorched Pathfinder
  • Ember Quester
  • Molten Journeyer
  • Lava Nomad
  • Pyre Seeker
  • Fiery Voyager
  • Burning Nomad
  • Coal Wanderer
  • Volcano Roamer
  • Fierce Explorer
  • Dark Pioneer
  • Mystic Wanderer
  • Umbral Traveler
  • Gloaming Drifter
  • Eventide Explorer
  • Umbral Pathfinder
  • Sable Nomad
  • Obscure Voyager
  • Cryptic Drifter
  • Arcane Roamer
  • Spellbound Nomad
  • Mystic Journeyer
  • Enigma Strider
  • Cosmic Drifter

Famous Black Dragon Names

From the annals of mythology to the pages of modern fantasy, famous black dragons have captivated our imagination.

This list pays homage to those legendary beings whose names evoke power, awe, and a touch of fear, reminding us of the enduring allure of the dragon mythos.

  • Shadow Maw
  • Inferno Scale
  • Dark Flame Fury
  • Thunderous Roar
  • Nightfall Whisper
  • Obsidian Storm
  • Shadow burn Ember
  • Blackfire Crest
  • Storm Rage Wing
  • Midnight Phantom
  • Onyx Fury
  • Eclipse Talon
  • Phantom Blaze
  • Void Heart Gaze
  • Abyssal Flame
  • Charcoal Wing
  • Sable Storm
  • Dusk Bringer Feather
  • Gloom Fang Strike
  • Cinder Heart Blaze
  • Ash Scale Whisper
  • Smolder Breath Flame
  • Ember Claw Strike
  • Flame Wrath Tail
  • Soot Scale Veil
  • Scorched Earth Fang
  • Char Flame Wing
  • Molt Enrage Claw
  • Inferno Fang Breath
  • Magma Blood Heart
  • Lava Dance Spine
  • Pyre Wing Blaze
  • Fiery Shadow Soul
  • Burning Skull Shadow
  • Coal Fire Scream
  • Volcano Spirit Burst
  • Fierce Tempest Storm
  • Dark Illusion Mirage

Badass Black Dragon Names

Embrace the darker side of dragon lore with monikers that exude raw power and unbridled fierceness.

These badass black dragon names are picked for their edge, attitude, and the undeniable presence they command.

Perfect for the dragon that doesn’t just fly but storms the skies, these tags are a nod to the rebels, the fighters, and the untamable spirits that blaze their own trails.

  • Skull Crusher Fang
  • Doom Bringer Wing
  • Hellfire Scale
  • Night Terror Blaze
  • Shadow Fury Roar
  • Death Whisper Gloom
  • Oblivion Torm Heart
  • Rage Flame Ember
  • Black Tempest Crest
  • War Storm Wing
  • Phantom Killer Phantom
  • Shadow Eraser Shade
  • Onyxdeth Fury
  • Eclipse Breaker Talon
  • Phantom Fear Blaze
  • Void Wrath Gaze
  • Abyssalker Flame
  • Char Death Wing
  • Sable Rage Storm
  • Dusk Killer Feather
  • Gloom Bane Strike
  • Cinder Killer Blaze
  • Ash Death Whisper
  • Smolder Doom Flame
  • Ember Destroyer Strike
  • Flame Fury Tail
  • Soot Wrath Veil
  • Scorched Doom Fang
  • Char Doom Wing
  • Molten Wrath Claw
  • Inferno Death Breath
  • Magma Death Heart
  • Lava Fury Spine
  • Pyre Wrath Blaze
  • Fiery Doom Soul
  • Burning Fury Shadow
  • Coal Wrath Scream
  • Volcano Fury Burst
  • Fierce Storm Storm
  • Dark Fear Mirage

Ancient Black Dragon Name Ideas

Step back in time with names that echo the ancient world, where dragons were deities, protectors, and the very embodiment of the elemental forces.

These ancient black dragon names are rooted in the mythologies and the rich histories of cultures that revered these magnificent beasts.

  • Elder Wing Shadow
  • Ancient Flame Scale
  • Primordial Fire Fury
  • Old Night Roar
  • Timeless Dark Whisper
  • Obsidian Elder Storm
  • Shadow Ancient Ember
  • Black Depth Crest
  • Storm Forged Wing
  • Midnight Elder Phantom
  • Whisper Old Shade
  • Onyx Ancient Fury
  • Eclipse Elder Talon
  • Phantom Age Blaze
  • Void Ancient Gaze
  • Abyss Old Flame
  • Char Ancient Wing
  • Sable Time Storm
  • Dusk Elder Feather
  • Gloom Age Strike
  • Cinder Old Blaze
  • Ash Ancient Whisper
  • Smolder Age Flame
  • Ember Elder Strike
  • Flame Old Tail
  • Sootage Veil
  • Scorched Elder Fang
  • Charage Wing
  • Molten Ancient Claw
  • Inferno Elder Breath
  • Magma Old Heart
  • Lava Elder Spine
  • Pyre Age Blaze
  • Fiery Ancient Soul
  • Burning Old Shadow
  • Coal Age Scream
  • Volcano Elder Burst
  • Fierce Age Storm
  • Dark Age Mirage
  • Timeless Void Essence

WoW Black Dragon Name Ideas

In the vast universe of World of Warcraft, black dragons hold a place of honor, embodying cunning, strength, and the complex narratives that define this epic landscape.

The names for black dragons in this section are inspired by the lore of Azeroth, designed to fit seamlessly into the tales of valor and treachery that unfold in this legendary world.

  • Ember Scale
  • Dark Flame
  • Night Terror
  • Abyss Roar
  • Obsidian Heart
  • Frost Breath
  • Sinister Gaze
  • Inferno Eye
  • Storm Hide
  • Wraith Claw
  • Phantom Fang
  • Iron Tail
  • Magma Vein
  • Coal Spike
  • Smolder Wing
  • Cinder Ash
  • Char Coal
  • Blaze Fury
  • Scorched Earth
  • Ashen Wing
  • Flame Heart
  • Black Ice
  • Dark Mist
  • Night Shade
  • Shadow Veil
  • Moon Glow
  • Void Essence
  • Deep Space
  • Galaxy Shadow
  • Cosmic Dust
  • Dark Matter
  • Nebula Spirit

DnD Black Dragon Name Ideas

Dungeons and Dragons, a game that has shaped the fantasy world, offers a rich backdrop for the black dragon, a creature of cunning and doom.

Below black dragon name ideas draw upon the deep lore of DnD, capturing the spirit of adventure and the dark allure of the unknown. Suitable for campaigns and tales that span the breadth of imagination.

  • Dread Maw
  • Grim Wing
  • Vile Thorn
  • Toxic Spew
  • Venom Fang
  • Marsh Lord
  • Swamp Breath
  • Bog Shadow
  • Murk Dweller
  • Sludge Wing
  • Acid Spit
  • Corrode Scale
  • Plague Bearer
  • Fetid Wing
  • Rot Heart
  • Decay Snarl
  • Gloom Watcher
  • Shadow Lurk
  • Night Stalker
  • Silent Flight
  • Moonless Night
  • Starved Peak
  • Ravine Stalker
  • Canyon Roar
  • Crevice Hide
  • Tarnished Silver
  • Gloaming Veil
  • Eventide Gloom
  • Umbral Shade
  • Sable Plume
  • Obscure Tempest
  • Mystic Aura
  • Enigma Breeze
  • Cryptic Vortex
  • Arcane Scepter
  • Spellbound Gaze
  • Mystic Rune

Black Bearder Dragon Names

In the realm where dragons rule the skies, Black Bearder Dragons stand apart with their majestic bearded appearance, reminiscent of ancient wisdom and rugged beauty.

These dragons, cloaked in shadows with beards as dark as night, carry tales of old, untold secrets and powers unbound.

The following tags are as unique as their stories, each echoing the depths of their ancient souls and the lands they’ve roamed through the ages.

  • Whisker Shadow
  • Bearded Myst
  • Dark Mane
  • Sable Beard
  • Night Whisker
  • Char Bristle
  • Smoky Tuft
  • Ember Locks
  • Ashen Fur
  • Coal Tassel
  • Tarry Plume
  • Soot Beard
  • Cinder Whisk
  • Blaze Tuft
  • Flame Fur
  • Scorched Whisker
  • Fiery Mane
  • Burning Bristle
  • Lava Lock
  • Molten Strand
  • Volcanic Beard
  • Pyre Plume
  • Inferno Fur
  • Gloom Whisker
  • Twilight Tassel
  • Eclipse Beard
  • Shadow Strand
  • Onyx Mane
  • Midnight Bristle
  • Dark Tuft
  • Dusk Fur
  • Gloam Lock
  • Umbral Whisk
  • Nocturnal Beard
  • Starless Mane
  • Abyss Whisker
  • Void Bristle
  • Cosmic Tuft
  • Galaxy Fur
  • Nebula Lock

Catchy Black and Red Dragon Name

Imagine a dragon whose scales dance with the colors of a smoldering sunset, where night’s darkness meets the sun’s fiery passion.

Black and Red Dragons embody this fiery dichotomy, merging the shadows’ mystery with the fire’s wildness.

Their monikers capture the essence of their fierce spirit and the beauty of their dual-toned scales.

  • Crimson Shadow
  • Scarlet Night
  • Ruby Eclipse
  • Garnet Flame
  • Vermilion Dark
  • Sanguine Shade
  • Carmine Whisper
  • Maroon Shade
  • Burgundy Blaze
  • Scarlet Wing
  • Crimson Claw
  • Ruby Gaze
  • Garnet Roar
  • Vermilion Tail
  • Sanguine Breath
  • Blood moon Specter
  • Fiery Dusk
  • Blaze Scarlet
  • Ember Crimson
  • Inferno Ruby
  • Phoenix Wing
  • Lava Spark
  • Volcanic Glow
  • Molten Crimson
  • Pyro clast Shade
  • Flare Whisper
  • Torchlight Shadow
  • Ember lit Night
  • Glowing Ember
  • Radiant Flame
  • Sun fire Cloak
  • Dawn fire Veil
  • Twilight Inferno
  • Dusk fire Aura
  • Night fire Gleam
  • Shadow fire Haze
  • Dark fire Glow
  • Red moon Mirage
  • Blood fire Dream
  • Blaze heart Shadow

Unique Black and Gold Dragons Names

Where darkness meets the shimmer of light, Black and Gold Dragons reign supreme.

These creatures combine the enigmatic allure of the night with the radiant splendor of gold, symbolizing power, wealth, and mystery.

The names of these majestic black and gold dragons reflect their regal nature and the unparalleled beauty of their appearance.

  • Golden Dusk
  • Gilded Shadow
  • Aurum Night
  • Sun flare Dark
  • Luminous Eclipse
  • Radiant Gloom
  • Glittering Abyss
  • Shining Void
  • Gold leaf Phantom
  • Bright scale Whisper
  • Sparkle wing Gaze
  • Glow talon Flight
  • Sunbeam Stalker
  • Dawn light Fury
  • Midas Roar
  • Luxe Shadow
  • Glint scale Hide
  • Gleam fang Strike
  • Solstice Wing
  • Corona Blaze
  • Sunburst Veil
  • Eclipse Gold
  • Twilight Gleam
  • Dazzle claw Grasp
  • Aurous Breath
  • Gold spire Tail
  • Radiance Shroud
  • Shimmer lust Whisper
  • Gleaming Veil
  • Goldenrod Flame
  • Sun touched Shade
  • Gilded Mirage
  • Sun shadow Form
  • Gold rush Spirit
  • Aurum Dream
  • Solar flare Essence
  • Light weave Shadow
  • Bright night Glow
  • Star fall Gold
  • Celestial Gloom

Cool Black and White Dragon Names

Black and White Dragons are the personification of balance and contrast, weaving together the extremes of darkness and light.

Their presence is a breathtaking spectacle, a blend of purity and mystery, embodying the harmony of opposites. Have a look at the black and white dragon names mentioned below.

  • Frost Night Shade
  • Snow Shadow Wing
  • Pale Moon Gaze
  • Ice Fire Whisper
  • Winter Eclipse
  • Ghost Scale Chill
  • Frostbite Shadow
  • Snowdrift Phantom
  • Ice Mist Stalker
  • Glacier Veil
  • Pale Shade Flight
  • Moon Frost Breath
  • White Wind Fury
  • Cold Flame Roar
  • Frost Spark Tail
  • Snow Flame Heart
  • Ice Rift Claw
  • Glacier Fang
  • Frost Veil Specter
  • Snowstorm Whisper
  • Ice Quake Wing
  • Blizzard Breath
  • Winter Gloom Eye
  • Frost Gale Claw
  • Snow Gleam Scale
  • Ice Glow Gaze
  • White Blaze Fury
  • Chill Wind Flight
  • Snow Burst Tail
  • Frost Shadow Essence
  • Ice Light Whisper
  • Snow Peak Roar
  • Polar Flame Wing
  • Frost Feather Breath
  • Snowfield Gaze
  • Icebound Heart
  • Frost bloom Fury
  • Snow Gleam Spirit
  • White Fire Eclipse

Names For Double-Headed Black Dragons

Double-Headed Black Dragons are a rare and awe-inspiring sight, symbolizing duality in thought and power.

With two heads, they can see beyond the mortal world’s veils, offering wisdom and destruction in equal measure.

The following black dragon names of these mythical beings reflect their dual nature, the complexity of their minds, and the depth of their dark, ancient souls.

  • Bicephalus Shadow
  • Twin flame Dark
  • Duotone Eclipse
  • Gemini Roar
  • Double gloom Wing
  • Twofold Abyss
  • Dual night Fury
  • Bihead Blaze
  • Twin peak Flame
  • Double scale Whisper
  • Binary Star
  • Twin tail Storm
  • Duo heart Gaze
  • Bipolar Flash
  • Second shadow Wing
  • Double bind Breath
  • Twilight haze Pair
  • Two way Roar
  • Echoed Whisper
  • Duality Spark
  • Pair flare Wing
  • Twin shard Claw
  • Double dusk Tail
  • Biwinged Specter
  • Two spirit Gloom
  • Dual frost Whisper
  • Twin eclipse Shade
  • Double mist Eye
  • Twofaced Blaze
  • Gemini Veil
  • Dual rage Fury
  • Twin shadow Breath
  • Bifrost Gaze
  • Doppelganger Wing
  • Twin dark Roar
  • Double gleam Scale
  • Twi link Claw
  • Twin fury Storm
  • Dual night Dream
  • Binary Eclipse

Japanese Black Dragon Names

Steeped in the rich tapestry of Japanese mythology, Black Dragons in Japan symbolize strength, wisdom, and the mysterious forces of the natural world.

Their names, often drawn from ancient lore and the poetic language of the land, resonate with the spirit of these legendary creatures.

  • Kuroi Ryuu
  • Yami Hikari
  • Kokuyoku Wing
  • Ankoku Flame
  • Kage Whisper
  • Yoru Eclipse
  • Shinrin Shadow
  • Tsukikage Roar
  • Hoshiguro Scale
  • Kuronikuru Gaze
  • Yaminabe Breath
  • Sora Kumo
  • Gekkou Flight
  • Kurogane Claw
  • Haizoku Eye
  • Onyximaru Heart
  • Kurobara Wing
  • Yami No Miko
  • Kageboushi Tail
  • Tsukiyo Spirit
  • Kokushibo Fury
  • Tenshi Yami
  • Ryuujin Night
  • Kuroki Mirage
  • Yoru No Kami
  • Tsukihime Whisper
  • Hoshizora Gloom
  • Kurokumo Veil
  • Yamiwater Flow
  • Kurogawa Stream
  • Shinpu Breath
  • Kagewani Roar
  • Kokumajin Flight
  • Yoru Phantom
  • Hoshino Shadow
  • Kurohone Claw
  • Tsukinowa Wing
  • Yokubou Dark
  • Yamiyoru Eye
  • Kuroryuu Spirit

German Names for Black Dragons

German Black Dragons soar in the heart of Europe, where ancient forests whisper secrets of the old world.

With names as powerful and profound as the legends of the land, these dragons embody the fierce spirit and the deep-rooted strength characteristic of Germanic mythology.

  • Nachtflügel
  • Dunkelfeuer
  • Schattenzahn
  • Finsternisblick
  • Schwarzsichel
  • Nachtsturm
  • Dunkelklaue
  • Schattenflamme
  • Finsterherz
  • Schwarz wind
  • Nachtglanz
  • Dunkelraunen
  • Schattenschrei
  • Finsterflug
  • Schwarzschuppe
  • Nachtnebel
  • Dunkelgeist
  • Schattenwispern
  • Finsterseufzer
  • Schwarzfeder
  • Nachtschatten
  • Dunkelschwinge
  • Schattentanz
  • Finsterblut
  • Schwarz Grimm
  • Nachtasche
  • Dunkelmond
  • Schattenpfad
  • Finsterstein
  • Schwarzflut
  • Nachtecho
  • Dunkelwacht
  • Schattenfluch
  • Finsterwelle
  • Schwarzruf
  • Nachtkrone
  • Dunkelwolke
  • Schattenmoor
  • Finsterblick
  • Schwarz Geist

Fantasy Names for Black Dragon

In the boundless realms of fantasy, Black Dragons reign as royals of the skies, their wings unfurling shadows across lands far and wide.

Their titles are woven from the fabric of magic and mystery, drawing on the deep wells of imagination to conjure beings of unparalleled power and majesty.

Each of the choices below is a key to an untold story, a portal to an unseen world.

  • Umbra Mist
  • Gloom Scale
  • Night Veil
  • Shadow Flare
  • Twilight Shroud
  • Void Gaze
  • Eclipse Wing
  • Phantom Strike
  • Nether Breath
  • Dusk Horn
  • Twilight Fury
  • Umbral Thorn
  • Gloom Bane
  • Night Frost
  • Dark Maw
  • Shadow Bind
  • Twilight Vein
  • Abyssal Heart
  • Void Storm
  • Eclipse Soul
  • Phantom Veil
  • Nether Wing
  • Dusk Web
  • Twilight Blade
  • Umbral Flame
  • Gloom Spirit
  • Night Bloom
  • Night Shard
  • Dark Spire
  • Shadow Crest
  • Gloom Fang
  • Abyss Wing
  • Void Heart
  • Eclipse Fang
  • Phantom Claw
  • Nether Flame
  • Dusk Feather
  • Twilight Spike

Evil Black Dragon Names

From the darkest corners of the world, where fear and power intertwine, Evil Black Dragons emerge. These creatures are not just the stuff of nightmares but the embodiment of darkness itself.

Their labels are whispered in hushed tones, each syllable dripping with the promise of doom, power, and the irresistible allure of the forbidden.

  • Malice Fang
  • Venom Shade
  • Dark Terror
  • Wraith Spine
  • Sinister Sloom
  • Dread Scale
  • Vile Wing
  • Corruption Claw
  • Abyssal Scream
  • Void Shriek
  • Eclipse Curse
  • Phantom Menace
  • Nether Wrath
  • Dusk Mire
  • Twilight Dread
  • Umbral Cruel
  • Gloom despair
  • Night Bane
  • Dark Doom
  • Shadow Malice
  • Twilight Venom
  • Abyssal Bane
  • Void Fear
  • Eclipse Doom
  • Phantom Torment
  • Nether Blight
  • Dusk Fear
  • Twilight Scourge
  • Umbral Horror
  • Gloom Wrath
  • Night Scourge
  • Dark Frost
  • Shadow Fury
  • Twilightpest
  • Abyssal Grief
  • Void Tage
  • Eclipse Haunt
  • Phantom Gloom
  • Nether Frost
  • Dusk Terror


As we finish our exciting look at black dragon names, we’ve seen everything from the powerful Shadowcrest to the mystical Kuroi Ryuu.

Our suggestions are not just words; they bring to life the powerful and mysterious dragons in stories, games, and any adventure you can dream up.

Let these names spark your creativity and help you create stories and worlds where black dragons fly high.

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