Funny Monkey Names to Make Your Day

Funny Monkey Names

Every pet deserves a name that’s as fun and full of personality as they are. When it comes to pet monkeys, choosing a name can be even more fun, as it can reflect their amusing antics and charismatic characters.

From A to Z, we’ve compiled a rollicking roster of names guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and inspire joy, reflecting the playful spirit monkeys are known for.

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Funny Monkey Names A to Z

So, let’s swing into the treetops of humor with this lively list, and who knows, you may find the perfect name for your primate pal!

A- Peeling Names Starting With A

1. Apple Banana: A name inspired by a monkey’s love for fruits and a knack for mischief.

2. Armpit: A little offbeat, but certainly memorable and guaranteed to produce a smile.

3. Alfalfa: Who said a classic sitcom character’s name can’t double as a funny monkey name?

4. Astro-ape: For those monkeys who have space-exploring dreams!

5. Acrobat: Reflects a monkey’s agile and playful nature.

Bursting With Laughter: B Names

1. Banana Split: Sweet, delicious, and absolutely funny!

2. Boomerang: Just like a monkey always returning to cause more shenanigans.

3. Bobblehead: For a monkey who just can’t stay still.

4. Bubblegum: Because monkeys can be just as sticky and sweet.

5. Buttercup: A funny monkey name with a touch of cuteness.

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Cheeky C Names That Will Amuse You

1. Coconut: Because what monkey doesn’t love coconuts?

2. Cuckoo: As in, “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!”

3. Chuckles: A monkey name that brings instant joy.

4. Cookie Cruncher: For the snack-loving monkeys among us.

5. Confetti: Fun, colorful, and as lively as a monkey!

Delightful D Names That Will Drive You Bananas

1. Disco Dancer: Because what’s funnier than a monkey with groovy dance moves?

2. Doodle: An affectionate term that paints a picture of a cute, goofy monkey.

3. Doughnut Dunker: For monkeys with a sweet tooth and a sense of humor!

4. Double Trouble: Perfect for a pair of mischievous monkeys causing hilarious havoc.

5. Dynamite: An explosive name for a small monkey with a big personality!

Eccentric Names Under E That’ll Have You Grinning Ear to Ear

1. Elvis the Primate: A funny and classy tribute to the king of rock ‘n’ roll.

2. Echo: For monkeys that repeat everything they hear, providing endless laughs.

3. Eclair: A delightful name for monkeys who love sweet treats.

4. Energy Bomb: Perfectly captures the boundless energy and humor of a monkey.

5. Extravaganza: A monkey that’s a whole lot of fun packed into one!

Funny Names With F to Fill Your Day With Laughter

1. Fuzzy Wuzzy: An adorable, hilarious name for a fluffy monkey.

2. Flip Flop: A name that captures the unpredictable and humorous nature of monkeys.

3. Frisbee: Inspired by the monkey’s ability to leap and swing.

4. Firecracker: For a monkey whose antics are as funny as they are unexpected.

5. Frodo: A clever nod to a well-known, endearing hobbit character.

Giggling With G Names That Are Gobs of Fun

1. Giggles: A perfect name for a monkey who loves to laugh!

2. Gumdrop: A cute, candy-themed name that’s just adorable.

3. Goofball: For the silly monkey who’s always up to something funny.

4. Galaxy: For a monkey with a personality as vast as the stars.

5. Gremlin: A mischievous and amusing name for any monkey.

Hysterical H Names That Are a Hoot

1. Hula Hoop: Imagine a monkey playing with a hula hoop! Adorable, right?

2. Honeycomb: Sweet and hilarious for a monkey who loves to eat.

3. Hipster: For the cool monkey with a sense of humor.

4. Hiccup: A funny name for a small monkey that’s hard to ignore.

5. Hat Trick: For a monkey who’s good at pulling surprises out of hats.

Ingenious I Names That Ignite the Imagination

1. Ice Cream: A delightful name for a monkey with a sweet tooth.

2. Inky: For a monkey that loves to play with colors or get into ink pots.

3. Itty Bitty: A perfect name for a little monkey with big laughs.

4. Igloo: A cool and funny name for a chill monkey.

5. Imagination: Because monkeys are creative and full of surprises.

Joyful J Names That Will Jump-Start Your Day

1. Jamboree: For the monkey who’s always ready for fun!

2. Jester: For the playful monkey who loves to entertain.

3. Jellybean: Sweet, colorful, and funny – just like a monkey!

4. Jigsaw: For the clever monkey who loves puzzles.

5. Jingle: Perfect for a musical monkey that loves to sing.

K Names That are Kookily Creative

1. Kiwi: Cute and quirky, like a curious monkey!

2. Kazoo: For a musical monkey with a sense of humor.

3. Knick-Knack: For the monkey who loves collecting things.

4. King Kong: A classic, but always good for a chuckle.

5. Kit Kat: A crunchy name for a monkey with a sweet personality.

Lively L Names That Will Leave You Laughing

1. Lollipop: Because monkeys can be sweet and stick with you through thick and thin.

2. Lemonade: A refreshing and fun name for a cool monkey.

3. Loop-de-loop: Inspired by a monkey’s love of swinging and looping around.

4. Lucky Charm: For the monkey that always brings a smile to your face.

5. La La: A melodic and amusing name for a singing monkey.

Magnificent M Names That Are Marvellously Funny

1. Monkey McMonkface: An amusing tongue-twister of a name!

2. Marmalade: A deliciously funny name for your pet.

3. Macaroni: For the monkey that loves pasta as much as mischief.

4. Muffin: A delightful name for a monkey who is sweet and loved.

5. Moonbeam: A magical name for a monkey with an enchanting charm.

Nutty Names Beginning With N

1. Noodle: An amusing name for a flexible, fun-loving monkey.

2. Nutcracker: For monkeys with a knack for cracking nuts (and jokes)!

3. Nimbus: A whimsical name for a monkey who loves to jump into the clouds.

4. Noggin: A cute and funny name, especially for a monkey with a big head.

5. Nacho: Because who doesn’t love a monkey named after a snack?

Original Names Under O That Are Outstandingly Funny

1. Oreo: A sweet and funny name for a black and white monkey.

2. Orangutangle: A playful twist on “orangutan,” perfect for a climber.

3. Oddball: A name for a monkey who marches to the beat of their own drum.

4. Olive: A cute and funny name for a small greenish monkey.

5. Overdrive: For the energetic monkey who’s always on the go.

Peculiarly Funny Names Picked For P

1. Pancake: A fluffy and sweet name for a loveable monkey.

2. Pickles: A hilarious choice for a monkey who loves causing mischief.

3. Pogo: For the bouncy monkey who’s always full of energy.

4. Pipsqueak: A playful name for a small monkey with a big personality.

5. Puddle: A funny, unique name for a monkey who loves water!

Quality Q Names That Will Quicken Your Pulse

1. Quibble: A unique name for a monkey who loves to playfully argue.

2. Quirk: For a monkey with charming and funny eccentricities.

3. Quickstep: A name inspired by a monkey’s fast and funny movements.

4. Quasar: For the monkey who shines brightly and brings joy.

5. Q-Tip: A clean, funny name for a small white monkey!

Hilarious Names Rooted in R

1. Rainbow: Perfect for a colorful and bright monkey!

2. Rascal: A great name for a mischievous, funny monkey.

3. Ripple: For the monkey who loves to make waves.

4. Root Beer: A sweet and fizzy name for a brown monkey.

5. Rocket: For the monkey who’s always blasting off to new adventures!

Super Funny Names Starting With S

1. Skittles: Sweet and colorful – a perfect monkey name!

2. Spaghetti: For the monkey who loves to twist and turn.

3. Squirt: A cute name for a small monkey who’s quick and mischievous.

4. Stardust: For a monkey that’s out of this world.

5. Snickers: A deliciously funny name for a monkey with a sweet tooth.

Tickling Your Funny Bone: T Names

1. Tootsie Roll: A delectable name for a sweet and funny monkey.

2. Tumbleweed: For a monkey who’s always rolling with laughter.

3. Tickles: For a monkey who finds everything amusing.

4. Twinkie: A delightful name for a golden and sweet monkey.

5. Tadpole: An unusual but funny name for a small monkey.

Unique Names With U That Are Unbelievably Funny

1. Ukulele: For a monkey that’s as entertaining as this small, stringed instrument.

2. Uproar: A name that perfectly captures a monkey’s energetic and funny nature.

3. UFO: For the monkey whose antics are out of this world!

4. Umami: A unique and funny name for a monkey with a rich personality.

5. U-Turn: Perfect for a monkey who’s always changing direction!

Vibrant Names With V To Make You Vibrate With Laughter

1. Vanilla Bean: A sweet name for a charming, light-colored monkey.

2. Velvet: A luxuriously funny name for a smooth monkey.

3. Vortex: For a monkey that draws everyone into their fun.

4. Vine Swinger: Perfect for a monkey who loves to swing and play.

5. Volcano: A fiery and explosive name for a dynamic monkey.

W Names That Are Wildly Funny

1. Waffle: A deliciously sweet name for a monkey.

2. Wiggles: Perfect for a monkey that can’t sit still!

3. Whiskers: A funny name for a monkey with a hairy face.

4. Wallop: For a monkey who packs a punch with its antics.

5. Woozy: A perfect name for a monkey who’s funny in a silly, dizzy way.

X-tra Funny Names That Start With X

1. Xerox: For a monkey who loves to mimic and make you laugh.

2. Xylophone: For a musical monkey with a sense of rhythm and humor.

3. Xanadu: A whimsical name for a monkey who lives in its own world of fun.

4. X-factor: For a monkey with a uniquely funny charm.

5. X Marks the Spot: A long but amusing name for a treasure of a monkey.

Yawning at Ordinary? Try These Y Names

1. Yodel: A fun, musical name for a vocal monkey.

2. Yo-Yo: A toy-inspired name for a monkey who loves to bob up and down.

3. Yum-Yum: A deliciously funny name for a monkey who loves to eat.

4. Yeti: An amusing name for a large, fluffy monkey.

5. Yahoo: For a monkey who’s always excited and ready for fun.

Zany Z Names That Add Zest to Your Day

1. Zippy: For a fast and fun-loving monkey.

2. Zigzag: Perfect for a monkey that’s unpredictable and full of surprises.

3. Zucchini: A fresh and funny vegetable-inspired name for a monkey.

4. Zero Gravity: For a monkey that loves to leap and practically flies.

5. Zorro: For the swashbuckling monkey hero in your life.

Swinging to the End: Concluding Thoughts

Just like our primate friends who fill our world with laughter, these monkey names inject humor into our day. Whether you’re naming a new stuffed animal, creating a fictional character, or need a sprinkle of joy, this lively compilation offers a wealth of funny monkey names to choose from.

Remember, the best names are those that make you and others around you smile, so don’t be afraid to monkey around with your creativity.

After all, life is more fun when we share laughter, and what better way to do it than with these endearing and funny monkey names?

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