45+ Black Monkey Names in 2023!

Black monkey names

Ever gaze into the ebony eyes of your new black monkey and wonder what name would be a perfect fit? Deciding on a name for your pet can be a fascinating, yet daunting task.

If you’ve got a delightful black monkey waiting to be named, you’re in the right place!

So whether you’re looking for something adventurous, fun, or unique, we’ve got you covered. After all, a pet monkey deserves a name as special as it is!

Black Boy Monkey Names

A black boy monkey, with his deep-hued fur and magnetic charm, deserves a name that’s as compelling as his appearance. The interplay of his velvety black coat against the backdrop of the jungle resonates with tales of mystery, strength, and a touch of magic.

So, let’s dive into this list of names, each echoing the essence of the enigmatic black boy monkey:

  • Midnight: Evokes the deepest parts of the night; dark and mysterious.
  • Shadow: Where light doesn’t touch, giving a sense of mystique.
  • Eclipse: Representing rare events when the sun hides, showcasing uniqueness.
  • Onyx: A shiny black gemstone, symbolizing strength and beauty.
  • Cosmo: A nod to the vast, dark universe and its mysteries.
  • Jet: Named after deep-black gemstones and speedy airplanes.
  • Sable: Representing sleek black fur, a touch of elegance.
  • Nero: Italian for ‘black’, exuding European charm.
  • Tux: Inspired by the classic black tuxedo, sophistication personified.
  • Panther: Channeling the stealth and grace of the black wildcat.
  • Raven: Echoing the dark, glossy bird known for its intelligence.
  • Knight: Noble protectors often draped in dark armors.
  • Slate: A hue of dark grey, reminiscent of stormy skies.
  • Mamba: Named after the dark, swift snake, hinting at agility.
  • Galaxy: Speckled with stars but predominantly dark, vast and mysterious.
  • Coal: Dark and elemental, representing natural power.
  • Rogue: For the free-spirited, the unconventional, the wanderer.
  • Dusk: The time when day meets night, embodying transition.
  • Obsidian: A dark volcanic glass, symbolizing strength and origins.
  • Mystic: Evoking thoughts of the unknown, the magical.
  • Puma: Inspired by the wildcat, blending stealth with power.
  • Phantom: Ghostly, mysterious, and elusive in nature.
  • Ink: Deep, black and essential, echoing stories yet to be written.
  • Graphite: A shade of gray-black, resilient and used to craft stories.
  • Noir: French for ‘black’, capturing romance and allure.

Black Girl monkey names

A black girl monkey, draped in her luxurious dark fur, exudes a blend of grace, mystery, and elegance. Such an exquisite creature deserves a name that mirrors her beauty and the myriad stories her presence evokes.

Explore this curated list of names that are befitting the regal charm of a black girl monkey:

  • Luna: Inspired by the crescent moon that lights up the darkest nights.
  • Velvet: A nod to her soft, smooth fur, as comforting as the fabric.
  • Ebony: Celebrating the deep, rich blackness that defines her.
  • Mystique: For her aura of mystery and allure.
  • Starlet: Reflecting tiny specks of stars against a vast black sky.
  • Sable: Named after the sleek, luxurious black fur.
  • Nyx: The Greek goddess of the night, embodying darkness and beauty.
  • Twilight: Representing the gentle merge of day into night.
  • Raven: Evoking the deep black bird known for its wisdom.
  • Opal: For the gem that, although known for its colors, has a deep base.
  • Nocturne: Musical compositions for the evening, quiet and reflective.
  • Silhouette: Highlighting her distinctive form against any backdrop.
  • Jet: Named after the shiny black gem, deep and precious.
  • Onyx: Celebrating the gemstone’s dark elegance.
  • Dusky: Embracing the gentle shades of evening.
  • Cinder: Echoing the remains of a once bright flame, still warm.
  • Cosma: A nod to the vast cosmos with its dark mysteries.
  • Vesper: Evoking evening prayers and the tranquil moments of dusk.
  • Nebula: For the dark cosmic clouds where stars are born.
  • Char: Reminding of the black remains of something that once burned brightly.
  • Tenebrae: Latin for ‘darkness’, embracing her deep hues.
  • Elara: One of Jupiter’s dark moons, distant and mesmerizing.
  • Indigo: For the deep shade that dances between blue and black.
  • Mela: Derived from the Greek for ‘black’ or ‘dark’.
  • Nero: Italian for ‘black’, showcasing European elegance.


And there you have it! A comprehensive list of black monkey names curated for your perky primate. Each name holds a different vibe, promising to cater to varied personalities and preferences.

So whether your monkey is as playful as ‘Mamba‘ or as mysterious as ‘Starlet‘, there’s a name waiting to be claimed. 

Remember, the best name will capture the spirit and uniqueness of your black monkey, mirroring your love and adoration. 

Happy naming!

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